Aurora’s 1/48 Fokker DR-1 Triplane Kit Review and Release History

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By Frederick Boucher with kit history by Alan Bussie Google+ profile

Kit History 

Released in 1956 the FOKKER DR-I [sic] was the fifth model of Aurora‘s original six “Famous Fighters” 1/48 World War One aircraft.  This example is kit number 105-69.


In order, the 5 predecessors (using Aurora punctuation and spelling) were the French Nieuport 11, Sopwith Camel, SE-5 Scout and German Albatross D-3.  (Curiously, although the Sopwith Tripe was one of their final WWI models, it was originally numbered 100.)  In the early 1970s Aurora reworked many of the molds by adding fabric texture and removing raised insignia and data markings, issuing the models as the 700 kit series.  The Dr.I was kit 750.  The triplane was not one of the kits eventually issued by Aurora subsidiary K&B.

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