Rebellion Creations 1/48 XB-38 Conversion Bagged

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Rebellion Creations 1/48 XB-38 Conversion Bagged plastic model kit

1/48 Rebellion Creations XB-38 Conversion Bagged

Resin Model Kit

As a fallback if the R-1820 engines became scarce, Boeing and Vega modified a B-17 Flying Fortress with liquid-cooled Allison V-1710-89 inline engines. Along the way it was thought that the model might be an improved B-17. The modifications took less than a year, and the XB-38 made its first flight on May 19 1943. Only one prototype was built. The XB-38 looked fantastic with the V-1710s, but problems dogged the installation. On the 9th flight an engine caught fire and the crew bailed out. This ended the program. This kit contains all parts needed for the conversion of the Monogram 1/48 B-17G kit to the XB-38. Never used and complete.

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