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Selling Your Plastic Model Kits?

Send Photos Or A List

We are always buying plastic model kits (and wood, metal and vacuform), from one kit to collections of thousands. If you have kits to sell, you can email me photos or a list to oldmodels@yahoo.com.

Photos are faster than a list because you can put as many as 80+ kits in one photo. To do this,

  • Stack up 10-15 kits with the box ends facing you
  • Create another 6-8 stacks just like that and push the stacks together
  • Take a high-resolution photo of the box ends (2 to 3.5 megapixels is fine)
  • Repeat for more kits

From your photo, I can zoom in and read the kit numbers, names, scales, etc. Please see the low-resolution example below.

Lists are fine also and can be in Excel, Word, or Open Office files, or simply be typed or pasted into the email field.

The list should include:

  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer's Part Number
  • Scale (if listed)
  • Name of the Kit
  • Any obvious issues with the kit (assembly, missing parts or significant box damage)

Lists and photos can also be mailed (USPS) to the address at the bottom of this page.

If you have asking prices, please list them. If you do not have an asking price, I can price the kits according to what I have paid in the past for those exact kits. PLEASE do not ship any kits until we have agreed on a price.

Please include your zip code when asking for a quote so I can properly figure shipping costs. I am located in Lexington, KY.

Payment and Inspection

There are two payment methods available: "On Approval" or "One-Half Deposit"

On Approval
The large majority of sellers use this method. If the quote is accepted, the kits are sent. Upon inspection and meeting the quote terms & conditions (from the original quote email), the quote is paid via business check.

One-Half Deposit
The other option is upon accepting the quote, I can make a 1/2 deposit via Paypal. Then the kits are sent. Upon inspection and meeting the quote terms & conditions (from the original quote email), the other portion is paid via Paypal. Paypal charges a small fee on your end (usually 3.5%). This fee is eliminated by using "On Approval.".

Kits are quoted and then inspected to the criteria below:

  • Box Condition. This is critical on older kits, but not so much on newer kits. Bagged kits (no box) are purchased also.
  • The kit must have never been started for top value. No painting or gluing.
  • The kit must be complete to bring top value. 100% complete with all parts, decals and instructions in good condition and not used or significantly damaged.

For some specialty kits, there are other criteria as well that will be specified in the quote.

Kits are inventoried in the order in which they are received because it is the fairest way. Please email me for the current inventory queue length, which is usually between 10 and 14 business days.


I am often asked what the most economical shipping method is. This is an excellent question as most USA parcel services have moved to the more expensive 'dimensional weight' (size and not weight) method to calculate shipping costs.

The US Postal Service (USPS) is still the least expensive option. But sure that the box does not exceed 108 inches of girth + length. Girth is the 'shortest' distance around a box, = (2 x (width + height)). Length is always the longest dimension and all units are in inches. The actual cost varies by your "postal zone," which means the distance from you to me.

Never exceed the 108 inch (girth + length) box size. Even going one inch over can double or triple the shipping price!

Example Of Calculating Girth + Length:
If box dimensions are 48L" x 18W" x 12H"
Then Girth + Length = 2x(18+12) + 48 = 108

Drop Off
Kits can be dropped off but only if we agree on a date and time. If you drop the kits off, you keep the shipping allowance (i.e., the quote amount does not change). Depending on the distance, dropping off usually cost significantly less than shipping. Please note that dropped-off collections still go into the inventory queue in the order they were received. They are not inventoried 'on the spot.' Payment is not made at drop off; the kits must be inspected to the quote terms and conditions before payment is made.

Personal Pickup
If the kits are within 30 minutes of my home or the collection is exceptional, we can travel to you for inspection and pick up.


There are numerous sources for free boxes, especially retail businesses. But Home Depot and U-Haul sell many sizes of affordable boxes including a 'large packing box' that is perfect for shipping. The cost is about $4 a box and the dimensions come out very near to a perfect 108" (girth + length).

For the largest kits, there are no boxes that will readily fit them. To box them, I cut a box open and 'wrap' the kit in heavy cardboard. Since every inch matters in shipping costs, this keeps the size of the box to a minimum.

Other Shipping Methods

If you or a friend have access to a commercial shipping account, you can get a reduced shipping rate. This is always preferable. We can receive USA-shipped packages shipped via USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS and all major carriers. Very large collections on pallets can be received if prior arrangements are made.

International Sellers

Note to International Sellers: Please ship kits through your local postal service or FedEx / DHL only. Do not send kits via UPS (United Parcel Service). UPS will charge large additional fees upon delivery and I will not be able to accept the package(s).


I am often asked how to pack kits to minimize damage and parts loss. Please follow these tips:

  • Place a thin rubber band around each kit (not too tight or it will damage the box!) This will keep loose parts from escaping during shipment.
  • If the kit is high value, place any loose parts in a ziplock/sealable bag to avoid loss.
  • There is no need to wrap each kit in paper or bubble wrap unless the kits are of an unusually high value
  • Select a box made of heavy corrugated cardboard. The box should be new or in excellent used condition.
  • Pack the kits carefully in the box to minimize empty space
  • Fill any empty spaces with newspaper, foam peanuts, or any other non-staining, void-filling material. You do not want the kits to shift during shipment.
  • When taping the shipping box shut, tape up all of the seams! That way if a part does come loose, it will remain in the shipping box.


Please insure your package! Postal insurance is very affordable. If your kits are correctly packed, postal insurance will cover you...

  • Against loss or damage of your parcel and
  • It will require me to personally sign for your kits. They cannot leave the parcel on my steps or in another location and you have an on-line record that I personally received it.


If you have further questions, do not hesitate to email or write us. Our address is:

Alan Bussie
524 Amberley Drive
Lexington, KY 40515


Alan Bussie