Hawk 1/48 Nieuport 17 - Flip-Top Box Issue, 706

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Hawk 1/48 Nieuport 17 - Flip-Top Box Issue, 706 plastic model kit

1/48 706 Hawk Nieuport 17 - Flip-Top Box Issue

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Fair+

First issue from the early 1950s in the one-piece box. Molded in high gloss yellow and black. The model has not been started. Complete with instructions and all parts. This kit is from early in this first issue, and the first kits were not issued with decals. In the 1920s through the 1940s Hawk made constant scale 1/48 aircraft kits from wood. In 1946 they added plastic injection molded kits to the line and were possibly the first injection molded kit manufacturer in the USA. When Hawk made an early jump to all-plastic kits they kept the 1/48 scale and created these new one-piece boxes with two color artwork.