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AMT 1957 Chrysler 300C Two Door Hardtop, 1/25, 30046

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc++


Highly detailed model features 392 V-8 engine, TorqueFlite Transmission, whitewall tires, detailed engine compartment, opening hood, deluxe wheel covers, detailed underside and complete interior. Molded in light gray, clear, red-tinted clear, chrome and with rubber tires. Never started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

Revell M-2 Long Range Cannon - US Army 155mm Field Artillery Piece - 'S' Issue, 1/40, H535-129

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG


Very rare 1958 hardbox issue with the great artwork that has made all the 1950s "S" kits so desirable. Highly detailed and well molded for the time; almost all parts of the gun work like the real prototype. Molded in the correct high-gloss olive drab plastic. Never started. It has been inventoried complete with all parts and includes decals and instructions. The decals and instructions are in remarkable "near mint" condition.

Crown Grumman TBF-1 Avenger, 1/144, K402-79

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good+


Detailed and well molded small scale model that is from the 1970s. Features fine panel detail, clear canopy, optional position landing gear, display stand and color decals. Never started. It has been inventoried complete with all parts and includes decals and instructions. There is a full color painting guide on the back of the box.

Hobby Craft Messerschmitt Bf-109C - 2/JG71 Germany 1939, 1/48, HC1567

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


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Part of the extensive line of '109s from Hobby Craft. Features all fine recessed panel lines, 'very good' cockpit, enclosed gear wells with some detail and more. With markings and paint guide for the aircraft on the box art. Never started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

Tamiya M1025 Hummer - Semi-Assembled Factory Decorated Die-Cast Model, 1/20, 23007

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed NM


Still factory sealed. Limited edition with all parts hand-decorated. Features die-cast metal and detailed plastic parts, a fully assembled and finished rolling chassis with detailed engine, suspension, exhaust and more, opening hood, doors, rear gate and turret hatch, machine gun and grenade launcher with ammunition & ammo box and more.

Craft Master Dray Wagon - Wagons of the Old West, 50115-350

Wood and Metal Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Mint


Still factory sealed. Authentic, large-scale model from high quality, die-cut California Redwood, Ponderosa Pine and other materials as required. Measures 8.75 inches long and 5 inches high when assembled. This excellent series contained several other kits, all done to the same (unlisted) scale - Covered Wagon, Log Wagon, Jerky Wagon, Mule Team, Horse Team, Ox Team, Jail Wagon, Yellowstone Wagon, Buckboard Wagon, Sheepherders Wagon, Ore Wagon, Conestoga Wagon, Milk Wagon, Chuck Wagon, Delivery Wagon, Dray Wagon, Stage Coach and Water Wagon. There was also a very early Red Rover Fire Engine Wagon in the same scale.

CM DD-350 USS Hull (Farragut class 1944), 1/350

Resin Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Mint


Discontinued-Limited Stock. SPECIAL ORDER limited production kit. Museum quality high definition resin castings. Complete kit with all parts needed for assembly. Some kits include photo-etched details and decals if required -email for details on a certain kit. Kits are molded upon receipt of payment. Normal wait is 2 to 3 weeks.

Execuform McDonnell F2H-3/4 Banshee - Bagged - (F2H3 F2H4), 1/72

Vacuform Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed


Still factory staple sealed. Basic vacuform kit. Never started. Complete with vacuform main parts, detailed plans, clear parts and instructions. A certain degree of modeling skill is required to build vacuform kits. They are not recommended for beginners.

Aurora Bomarc IM-99 with Launcher, 1/48, 377-198

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG


1958 first and only release. Nice kit of the Bomarc in 1/48 scale with a full mobile launching trailer. Trailer has rotating wheels, tow bar, tool boxes and an elevating missile rail that be displayed in 'travel' or 'launch' positions. The kit has never been started. Inventoried 100% complete with all parts, both decal sheets and instructions.

ESCI Bell UH-1D Huey UN Rescue, 1/48, 4037

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


Unusual civil issue with very good detail including full interior with cockpit and stretchers, opening doors, turbine engine and more. The kit has never been started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

Hobby-Time McDonnell F3H-1 Demon Shipboard Interceptor - (F3H1), 1/45, 2003

Vacuform Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG


Rare large scale Demon. Very close to 1/48; measures 15.5 inches long when assembled. Can be built as a flying model with retracted landing gear or a static model with extended landing gear. Features recessed panel line detail, vacuform main parts, injection molded details, clear canopy, catapult launcher and decals. The kit has never been started. Inventoried 100% complete including decals and instructions.

California Model Co Nieuport 17C-1 - 19.75 Inch Wingspan Balsa Flying Aircraft - (Ni17 Nieuport 17), 1/16

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good


Probably from the late 1940s or early 1950s. Higher quality stick-and-tissue flying model to a constant 1/16 scale. Can be built for static scale display or flown with rubber, CO2 or small gas motors for power. Features quality balsa printwood and strip wood, factory-carved balsa propeller (needs final finishing), completely finished wheels and thrust button, hardware, stock wood and metal as required, blocks as needed, covering tissue and beautifully drawn full-size plans. The model has not been started. Inventoried complete with all parts and plans. Made by California Model Company out of Long Beach, CA USA. If you have more information on this manufacture, please email me. How far back they go is unknown; they claim to have the 'Know How of 30 Years Experience' on the box side, but that could be interpreted many ways. From the box there was at least a Spad, SE-5, Fokker DVII, Niuport and a Sopwith Camel for rubber power as well as the 'Spacer A-B' & 'Spacer 1/2A' and the indoor Featherette. We know they also issued some ex-Suydam railroad kits as well. From Bill Baker Jr - "California Model Company originated in Long Beach, Calif in the late 1940's or early 1950's. My grandparents, William (Bill) Loyal Baker and his wife, Ruth (Tripp) Baker were the founders. The company started out as primarily balsa based model aircraft but later, in the late 50's or early 60's, branched into the model RR craft kits and Cub Scout craft kits. They even had a balsa speed boat kit powered by a model airplane gas engine adapted to fit. When they retired, around 1968 or 1969, they sold the business and the "shop" in North Long Beach they built to house their business. I have many fond memories as a young child "working" with them in the shop, assembling kits. I have a few unbuilt kits today!"

Williams Brothers Le Rhone Rotary Aircraft Engine, 1/6, 0040

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed NM


Still factory sealed. Very nicely detailed large 1/6 scale model. Features nine cylinders, crankcase, carburetor with sliding valve, accessory drive gears, oil pump, magneto and more The 80 hp Le Rhone was developed before WWI and was used in many early aircraft. It did see service early in the Great War and it's follow on, the 110 hp Le Rhone was used in larger aircraft. The crankshaft of the Le Rhone mounted directly to the firewall and was part of the air and fuel intake system. The crankcase, propeller shaft and cylinders all revolved at about 1200 rpm. These three assemblies were carefully balanced to reduce vibration.

AMT Ford Courier Minivan - Pickup Truck, 1/25, 2701

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


1970s one and only issue. This model can be assembled as a stock pickup truck, custom truck or minivan. Nicely detailed with over 80 parts and features rolling chassis construction just like the real truck with full suspension, exhaust gas tank and more, detailed engine and compartment, removable hood, full interior, working tailgate, optional wheels, roll bar, minivan topper, optional bumper guard and more. Molded in white, clear, chrome and with rubber tires. The kit has never been started. The parts that were sealed at the factory are still sealed. The parts that were never sealed (chrome & clear) have been inventoried complete. Includes decals and instructions.

Bluejacket 80' Elco PT Boat - 1942 First Series PT103 Through 196 and PT314 Through 367 - As Built Configuration, 1/48, 1005

Wood and Metal Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG


Retails new for $315. Museum quality craftsman model in large scale features a factory pre-carved basswood hull and factory shaped deck houses, over 200 photo-etched brass and finely cast Britannia pewter parts, all brass, wood and styrene materials required and a detailed step-by-step instructions manual and two sheets of full-size plans. The kit has never been started and is like new inside. The parts that Bluejacket sealed at the factory are still in the sealed clear bags. The few large parts that were never sealed have been inventoried complete. With all paperwork present.

ESCI Sepecat Jaguar A, 1/48, SC-4036

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good


Features optional position canopy and speed brakes, cockpit detail, external stores, ordnance and more. Includes decals for two French aircraft and paint guide. Never started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

Revell Hawker Typhoon MK 1B History Makers, 1/32, 8616

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Exc


Still factory sealed. 1982 'History Makers' issue features full cockpit with hinged entry/exit door, detailed Napier Sabre Engine with removable engine cowl, movable wheels and prop and more. Has decals for Wing Commander Beamont's 1943 aircraft from No. 56 Squadron, the first to fly the Typhoon.

Frog Douglas DC-7C BOAC, 1/96, 351P

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc+


Very rare. 1950s two piece hardbox issue. Very close to 1/100 scale and still the largest injection molded DC-7 kit. Nicely molded with very fine raised panel line detail and recessed control surfaces and doors. The box has great color, no stains, no rips, 3 solid corners and 1 closed split side corner and very minor general wear only. Inside, the special cardboard side housing is still held in place with the original staples and contains an unopened green capsule of cement and a glass vial of white paint with the factory cork. The paint is still a liquid - it has not turned solid. The very long decal sheet is intact and near mint. The decals have not rolled and are in excellent condition - they have very little of the typical yellowing. The instructions are excellent with light yellowing and have no tears or writing. The kit is molded in the correct gloss silver and clear plastic with a large dark blue stand. The kit has never been started and has been inventoried complete with all parts, decals, instructions, glue and paint. The propellers are on the original cardboard holder and the blades are not broken. Shipping insurance is required on this model.

Tamiya Royal Navy Sea Harrier FRS.1 - Royal Navy No. 899 NAS FAA at RNAS Yeovilton / No. 800 NAS FAA on HMS Hermes / No. 801 NAS FAA on HMS Invincible, 1/48, 61026

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


Nicely, crisply molded kit with cockpit and pilot, optional position canopy, detailed jet engine and removable engine panel, linked rotating thrust nozzles, 30mm Aden gun pods, under-wing stores including 1000lb bombs, drop tanks, AIM-8 Sidewinders in three different load configurations and decals with paint guide for three different aircraft. The kit has never been started. Internal factory sealed bags including decals and instructions.

Aurora British SE-5 Scout, 1/48, 103-69

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG+


Very rare version. Of all the Aurora SE-5, this one and the 'white' version turns up the least. The hardbox is dated 1956 but shows the original Jim Cox box art with the 1957 oval 'Famous Fighters' logo. The original rectangle 'Northern Lights' logo has been neatly blotted out with a yellow rectangle of the same size. The fact that the price is still 69 cents (as the original issue) means this issue is very early 1957 and predated the 'yellow' box art issue. Molded in gloss olive green and black. The kit has never been started. It has been inventoried complete with all parts and includes decals and instructions.