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Aurora Grumman F9F Panther Jet - Famous Fighters of All Nations, 1/48, 22A-79

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG++


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Rare 'Aurora Line' logo version. This is actually the 3rd release of this kit and is the first West Hempstead issue - from the logo, it is from 1954/1955. This model is correct in every way with high gloss deep blue and clear plastic, landing gear and rockets, clear rectangle stand and stand arm, instructions say 'West Hempstead' and have the Aurora Line logo, and the decals are made by 'Tatem Company'. Kit has never been started and is 100% complete with all correct parts, stand, decals and instructions present.

StromBecker Consolidated Model 28 Trans-Atlantic Flying Boat - Civil PBY, C8

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: Poor+


Very rare and most likely from the late 1930s. StromBecker was famous for their line of precarved hardwood kits and they are considered the finest ever made. The carving is done to the final shape which makes them remarkably pre-fabricated. This model features a completely carved to shape fuselage, wings and horizontal & vertical stabilizers & more, hardwood wing strut material, an envelope of powdered CASCO wood glue, sanding stick and two grits of sandpaper. When built it makes an impressive desk top display. NOTE: Builder kit only, please read carefully for the condition. NOTE: this kit has minor and 'excellent' quality sub-assembly as follows: rudder to fuselage; pylon to wing bottom. There is no other assembly. Inventoried and NOTE: missing one engine nacelle (the other is present and an ideal pattern since they are identical). Missing (1) of (2) float blocks, both propellers and two brads (very small nails). Otherwise includes all other parts and detailed instructions. The main center of the box in intact but heavily worn; the two large end flaps are 70% present but all four small side box flaps are missing. There is tape, etc on the box, hence the 'poor+' rating.

Unicraft Dornier Do P.59 - (Do P59), 1/72

Resin Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed NM


Still factory tape sealed. Rare. Nicely detailed, limited-run resin kit.

Hasegawa Focke-Wulf FW-190 A-8 - Lt. Rudi Linz Staffelkapitain 12/JG5 Early 1945 Norway / III/JG301 Late 1944 Stendal Germany, 1/72, AP3

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Exc


Still factory sealed. Features 40 pieces, very finely molded parts with all recessed panel lines, very good cockpit, two piece optional position canopy, detailed gear wells, centerline drop tank and detailed painting guide and decals for both aircraft.

CMK M-41 Gorilla Howitzer Motor Carriage, 1/35, RA016

Resin Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good+


Very, very rare. This is a highly detailed, professional quality model made of high-definition resin and many photoetched details on two frets. Never started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

Trumpeter Brazil EE-T2 Osorio, 1/35, 00338

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed NM


Still factory sealed.

Sterling British SE-5 Scout - With Profile Book And Williams Bros Wheels And Machine Gun - 40 Inch Wingspan Scale RC Airplane, FS-22

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG


Includes the following aftermarket parts: Williams Brothers #131 3 3/4 Inch Wheel Set (hollow rubber tires and plastic solid wheels), Williams Brothers #161 2" Scale (1/6 scale) Lewis Machine Gun .30 Cal plastic kit (still factory sealed) and Profile Publications Number 1 The SE5A in very good condition. The actual kit is a very large full-scale model- even the rib spacing in the wings and tail is correct to the original, as is the stringer spacing of the fuselage. The only exception to scale is the modern airfoil cross section. Designed for R/C or control line with a .19 to .29 gas engine and measures 30.5 inches long with a 40 3/8 inch wingspan. Highly detailed. Features all die-cut sheet wood parts of very high quality balsa, numerous plastic details and metal radiator parts, wood and metal stock as needed, dowels, blocks and cut to shape wood, a great deal of hardware, three huge full color decal sheets and superb full size plans with instructions on them. The kit has never been started. It has been inventoried complete with all parts and includes decals and instructions. Sterling was a famous manufacturer dating back to the 1930/40s flying model craze. Although they continued to produce kits for decades after the flying model slump following World War II, they eventually fell victim to the general lack of interest in modeling that occurred in the early 1980s. I personally considered Sterlings to be 'deluxe' kits.

Academy Cutty Sark Clipper Ship - With Sails, 1/350, 14110

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Exc


Still factory sealed. This small-scale kit from 2008 is well molded, includes sails and a simplified rigging diagram.

MPC 1957 Corvette Roadster - Fuel Injection Or Dual 4 Barrels, 1/16, 1-3085

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Exc


Still factory sealed and from 1982. Large 1/16 scale model of the American Classic sports car. The kit features a rolling chassis build-up just like the actual car, detailed engine with choice of fuel injection or dual 4 carbs, working suspension with metal springs, complete exhaust and underside, opening hood and full engine compartment, detailed interior with opening doors, optional side exhausts, optional soft top or hard top, decals and more.

Monogram US Space Missiles - Titan II / Atlas / Minuteman II / Thor / Hound Dog / Corporal / Nike Hercules / Sergeant / Nike Ajax / Poseidon / Honest John / Terrier / La Crosse / ASROC / Sparrow / Bullpup / Falcon / Redstone / Jupiter / Spartan / Bomarc +more, 1/128, PS221-300

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Exc++


Still factory sealed. Hard-to-find 1969 release. This is the reissue of the 1959 'Four Star' Missile Arsenal Kit updated by adding some missiles (such as the Spartan and Sprint ABMs) and deleting older ones. Also includes the updated 'Know Your Missiles' foldout booklet with photos and descriptions of each missile.

KSN Midori Nakajima Ki-32 2 Oscar - Motor Drives Prop And Wheel And Wing Navigation Lights Work, 1/28, 800-03

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good-


Very rare. Large 1/28 scale motorized kit with many working features. A factory-assembled metal gear box with nylon gears is driven by a common FA-130 motor. This gearbox spins the propeller and drives the tail wheel, moving the aircraft across any smooth surface while the red and green wing navigation light blink on and off. Factory glue is included as well as all running hardware and lights. Please note that KSN did not furnish the motor with the kit. Features hidden battery compartment (where the real engine would be) and it has moving rudder, elevator, ailerons and wing flaps. The kit has never been started. The small parts, gearbox, lights and glue are still factory sealed. The plastic parts that were factory sealed are still sealed in the original clear bags; the few large parts (wings and fuselage) that were never sealed are inventoried compete. The large full-color card showing aircraft and famous pilots is in 'excellent' condition . Includes instructions and decals both in 'excellent' condition. The box is 100% complete with four solid corners and no repairs or tape. But it does have the stain shown on the left and general wear as shown, hence the 'good-' grade.

Revell USS John Paul Jones DD-932 - Forrest Sherman Class - Picture Fleet / Master Modelers Club / 50 Years Of Naval Aviation Issue, 1/320, H309-169

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good-


Very nicely detailed kit from 1961. This is a rare issue Picture Fleet, Master Modeler with the 50 Years of Naval Aviation logos on on the box top. Includes the full color Master Modelers Stamp of this kit and the club application form. This is likely the first issue for the JPJ. Measures over 15 inches long when assembled and features rotating turrets, elevating guns, torpedo tubes, radar, propeller rudder detail and more. Never started. It has been inventoried complete with all parts and includes decals, flag sheet and instructions.

Peck-Polymers One Nite 28 - 28 Inch Wingspan High Performance Rubber Powered Aircaft, PP-14

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG


High performance, stick-and-tissue style flying aircraft designed to meet P-30 contest rules. Includes quality printwood, all required stripwood and spars and very detailed plans. Never started. It has been inventoried complete with all the items above and paperwork. Please NOTE that this model did not come with the 9.6" propeller, rubber motor, covering tissue or single wheel. Peck-Polymers is a manufacture of high quality stick and tissue models. Never started and complete.

Monogram McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle, 1/72, 5434

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good+


1984 issue of the famous two-seat strike aircraft. Well detailed and molded for that time. Features conformal fuel tanks, detailed landing gear and wheel wells, four AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles, two 1000 lb bombs, eight 500 lb bombs and 30mm gun pod. Never started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

SIG Parasol - 18 Inch Wingspan Beginners Flying Rubber Powered Aircraft, FF-15

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


From 1971 and an ideal first flying model. This kit is a very good performer with simplified construction. Features dhigh quality balsa wood, stripwood and other wood stock as needed, metal stock, rubber motor, plastic propeller, very lightweight plastic wheels, full sized plans which double as the covering tissue and SIGs excellent instructions. Never started and inventoried complete.

Tamiya 20mm Flakvierling 8 ton Semitrack Sd.Kfz 7/1, 1/35, 35050

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed VG


Still factory sealed; the seal has shrunk and drawn the box top slightly concave as shown. Very highly detailed and well molded.

Ideal Aeroplane & Supply Fishing Trawler - 18 Inch Long Wooden Ship, 317

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good++


Very rare and especially so in this condition. This wooden model ship is dated 1950 and measures 18 inches long when assembled. It is certainly one of Ideal's most detailed efforts and features a beautiful pre-carved balsa wood hull, quality printwood parts, wood stock as required, one large factory-sealed bag of cast metal fittings and another smaller factory-sealed bag of more metal fittings, sail cloth, printed cardstock superstructure sides, a full color flag sheet as well as highly detailed three-view plans with hull cross sections, numerous superb detail drawings, very good instructions with additional building illustrations, full rigging diagram and sail details. The model has never been started. Most small parts are still in the factory sealed bags; the parts that were never sealed have been inventoried complete. Includes all paperwork.

Revell Boeing IM-99 Bomarc - With Launcher - S Issue, 1/47, H1806-149

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc+


Original release from 1957 and in exceptional condition inside and out. The box is in 'excellent+' condition which is very rare; the blue on these boxes was easily damaged. The model is highly detailed for that time and features a fully operational launcher and crew. Molded in black. The kit has never been started. It has been inventoried 100% complete with all parts and includes decals and instructions.

Revell Honest John Missile with Mobile Carrier Truck 'S' Kit, 1/48, H1821-169

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG+


Very rare, original hardbox 'S' issue from 1958 - not the common reproduction. Has many operating features. The missile can be disassembled and put into individual crates on the trailer. The trailer unhitches from cab and all 18 wheels rotate. Detailed truck has opening hood with full engine and cab interior. Includes a crew of 2 and is molded in gloss green and white plastic. The kit has never been started. It has been inventoried complete with all parts and includes decals and instructions.

Bandai Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I Sd.Kfz.181, 1/48, 8225-500

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG


Rare kit that is part of the classic and highly detailed 1/48 Bandai Pin Point armor series. These kits are beautifully molded and feature full interior detail as well as flexible treads, many operating features and very detailed crew members that can be assembled in almost any position. Never started. Factory sealed bags with decals and instructions.