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Aurora Flying Sub Test Shot - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Seaview Submarine) Bagged, 1/60

Plastic Model Kit


Very rare item for the advanced collector. This item was from the estate of Dave Cockrum, the world-famous Aurora box artist, sculpture and kit designer. However, he is even more famous for his long history with DC and Marvel Comics. When working at Aurora, Dave had access to 'The Room'. In it were test shots from almost every Aurora kit ever made; employees were welcome to come in and take a kit when they pleased. This Flying Sub came from that room. It is a rare test shot molded in the usual test shot color - white- and includes the clear parts. Although the kit is complete, it does not have a box or instructions like most all test shots.

Hawk Lockheed T-33A Chrome Plated - USAF / Canadian / West German Air Force, 1/48, 207-200

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good


1967 issue with John Andrews box artwork. The plating is in 'average' condition which means it is generally 'very good' but does have some noticeable flaws, the worst of which is on the lower wing and right front fuselage halv. Includes a large decal sheet for all three versions. Never started. Inventoried and NOTE: missing all three figures. Otherwise complete with all other parts, decals and instructions present.

Revell Lincoln Futura Show Car, 1/25, 1270

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


1995 reissue of the famous 'S' kit and an ideal builder. Features dramatic show-car styling, full interior and dash, driver and passenger figures, clear 'bubble' canopy, rotating wheels, chrome front and rear bumper, emblem and side trim and more. Molded in mint green (like the box art) and clear plastic. Never started. The parts that were factory sealed are still sealed; the few parts that were not inventoried and inventoried complete. Includes instructions. Ford created the Lincoln Futura as a concept car to promote Lincoln. The designers were Ford lead stylists John Jajjar and Bill Schmidt. Unlike many concept cars, this one was fully operational. The basis of the chassis was the Continental Mark II and she was powered by a 368 cubic inch Lincoln engine and powertrain. The car was hand built by Ghia iin Italy and originally cost $250,000, or about $2.3 million in modern USD. The car was a big success for Ford and brought significant recognition in toys, movies and the show circuit. It was first displayed in 1955. When Ford was done, they sold the car to George Barris for $1. Because it was never titled and could not insured, Barris parked it behind the shop. However, in 1966 Barris was asked to make a car for the Batman TV series. Dean Jefferies was originally contracted with, but he could not make the car in time. Barris thought the Futura would make a fine basis for the Batmobile, and so it did. Barris always retained ownership of the car, leasing it to the studio for filming. In 2013 he sold the car to a collector for 4.62 Million US Dollars.

AMT Tyrone Malones Hide Out Truck Kenworth Aerodyne - (Hideout Truck), 1/25, 5008

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Good-


Still factory sealed. This is the very rare original issue and not the common reissue. The seal has a split on the lower center. This is the highly detailed release marketed as AMT/Matchbox with the AMT part number 5008 and Matchbox PK-8405.

Polar Lights Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701 - Original TV Series, 1/350, POL938-04

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc++


This superbly detailed, original TV series USS Enterprise is a fantastic and very large kit that is approximately 32 inches long when assembled. It is very accurate as all measurements were taken from the 11' studio model. The box is in 'excellent++' condition. The kit has never been started. Inside, all parts are still in the factory sealed bags. With decals and instructions.

Guillows De Havilland DH-4 - 27 Inch Wingspan RC / Gas / Rubber Flying Model, 205

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good


Large-scale, well detailed kit from about 1964. Can be flown rubber free flight, gas free flight, or converted to electric RC using modern servos and receivers. Well detailed and features die cut balsa parts, rubber motor, plywood firewall, scale plastic wheels, plastic propeller, vacuform nose / machine guns / pilot busts, two big sheets of full color decals, covering tissue and excellent full size plans. The kit has never been started. It has been inventoried complete with all parts and includes decals and instructions. Guillow's founder, Paul K. Guillow, was a WWI naval aviator. In 1926 he began producing wooden model airplane kits. His 'Shelf Models' were some of the earlier non-flying models in production. Guillow's grew during the model boom of the 1930s, and when the Depression hit the hardest, Guillow's responded with lower prices and became one of the low price leaders, frequently advertising in Model Airplane News and other leading publications. During the war, like most manufacturers, Guillow's was forced to alternative materials such as cardboard and pine. Guillow's survived the post WWII slump by creating many inexpensive profile flying rubber powered aircraft and gliders in the 1950s (along with North Pacific) which became famous - some are still available today. The stick and tissue lines have been updated with laser cut parts and are still in production as of 2009.

Special Hobby AF-3S Guardian MAD Boom, 1/48, SH48194

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good


Rare, large 1/48 scale limited issue that has excellent detail inside and out. Never started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

Platz TWO Focke-Wulf FW-190 D-9 - (FW190D9), 1/144, PD-9

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: NM


Includes two complete models and certainly ranks among the finest 1/144 scale models ever made. Features all new tooling, excellent detail, super-fine recessed panel lines, very good cockpit and gear wells, complete landing gear and more. Includes a large decal sheet with a wide variety of markings and even stencils. Never started. The parts are either still in the factory sealed bags or inventoried complete with all parts. Includes decals and instructions.

Revell DD-537 USS Sullivans Destroyer (Fletcher Class) - Pre 'S' Issue, 1/301, H305-129

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: NM-


1955 Pre-'S' release in exceptional investment-grade 'Near Mint-' condition. Beautiful boxart has like-new gloss and color, four solid corners, no price tag or tag marks, no fading, tears, creases or missing litho, no tape (other than the factory sealing tape of course) and no repairs. The only flaws are very light, even general wear. Full hull kit with detailed deck, main 5 inch guns, anti-aircraft guns, torpedo tubes and more. It has never been started. Inventoried 100% complete including all parts, decals flag sheet and instructions.

Planet Models Avro Manchester Mk.I, 1/72, 127

Resin Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


Rare. Very high quality and detailed resin cast kit with clear canopies & side windows and decals & paint guide for the box art aircraft shown. The kit has never been started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

Monogram Kenworth W-900 Conventional - Semi Tractor Truck, 1/16, 77402

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed VG


Still factory 'round tape' sealed. This very rare 1/16 scale model is from 1991 and is highly detailed. It features 283 pieces, rolling chassis build-up just like the actual truck, complete engine, full suspension, exhaust and drive line detail, excellent engine compartment, opening hood, sleeper, complete interior, alloy wheels, dual exhaust stacks, twin antennas, 5th wheel, air horns and side mirrors and more.

Comet Taylorcraft Jr Struct-O-Speed Flying Model And D3 Flash-Bilt Spitfire Glider, C2

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good-


SALE!! Includes both models in the original boxes. From the early 1950s. The Flash-Bilt Spitfire has a 7.75 inch winggspan, all die-cut factory decorated parts, a launcher and building plans/instructions that include a how to fly section. Never started and complete. The Taylorcraft has a 9.5 inch wingspan, all die-cut parts and illustrated full instructions with all patterns required and cut-out insignia. This is not a stick and tissue model but a full 3D model made from all balsa wood. Never started. Inventoried and NOTE: missing 2 square inner fuselage bulkheads (easily made). Otherwise complete with all other parts and paperwork.

Renwal Major Lanoe Hawker's De Havilland DH-2 - With Aeroskin, 1/48, 281-149

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Fair+


This is one of Renewal's famous Aeroskin kits in a rare 1/48 release that features markings for the aircraft of the famous Lanoe Hawker and very realistic artwork of the last moments of Lanoe's final battle with the Red Baron. The model has an injection molded inner structure of ribs and stringers like a real aircraft, then the modeler covers it with provided authentic pre-colored Aeroskin fabric. There is no painting needed as elaborate finishes are printed directly on the Aeroskin covering. This results a very realistic and colorful model. The kit has never been started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes Aeroskin and instructions. Aeroskin is in superb 'near mint' condition. There is no glue included, but any brush-one liquid cement (like Tamiya) will work for attaching the Aeroskin to the plastic parts.

Mach 2 TWO North American AJ-2 / AJ-2P Savage, 1/72

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good+


SALE! Includes two complete models. Builds either version (attack bomber or photo/recon) of the post-WWII heavy carrier based attack bomber. The kits are never started. One is still in the factory sealed bag; the other model has been inventoried complete. Includes two sets of decals and instructions.

Precise McDonnell Douglas Spartan ABM

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good+


Very rare promotional model of the 'Safeguard' ABM Missile Spartan. The Sprint and Spartan pair made up the missiles of this Anti-Ballistic Missile system with Spartan handling the longer ranges. The system was made operational on October 1 1975 and Congress voted to shut it down less than 24 hours later on October 2 1975. Condition is exceptional. Missile is NM with a tiny chip out of one fin and very slight wear. The base is NM also. Missile measures 17 inches long. There are no touch ups/repair and no cracks. Decal is near mint also on base. Base says 'Spartan - McDonnell Douglas - McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company'. Insurance required on shipping. NOTE: This model was issued with two bases. One had two pins to hold the missile. The other is the cradle pictured. This missile has the two pin holes - so it was either left over stock and put on the new base or found it's way to the newer base over the years.

Revell Fairchild F-27 Propjet - Bonanza Airlines Lodela Issue, 1/94, H298

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed NM


Still factory sealed. Rare Revell Lodela issue with colorful Bonanza markings. Well detailed kit includes moving rudder, flaps and elevators, rotating wheels and props and loading ramp.

AMT Six-Wheel Van - Ford Custom With Trail Bike, 1/25, 2502

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Exc


Very rare and even rarer in this investment-grade 'Factory Sealed Excellent" condition. This radical custom van features special body, numerous custom parts, detailed Ford 351 CID V-8 engine, opening hood, detailed chassis, interior and even a detailed model of a Honda Trail Bike which stows on the six-wheelers 'back porch.'

Planet Models Martin-Baker M.B.5 - (MB5) - British WWII Fighter Prototype, 1/72, 112

Resin Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG


Very well detailed model kit made from high-definition cast resin. With full decals. Never started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

Fujimi McLaren MP4-12C GT3 - (MP412C), 1/24, RS-44

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG


Well molded and detail kit. The parts are gloss white, black, clear and chrome plated plastic. There are rubber tires and a paint mask set. There is no assembly but NOTE: one part #2 has the air intake painted black to 'professional' quality. There is no other painting. Most parts are still in the factory sealed bags; those that are not sealed have been inventoried complete. With decals and instructions.

Hasegawa ASF-X Shinden II - Creator Works Ace Combat, 1/72, CW03

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: NM


Beautifully molded and detailed. Features fine all-recessed panel lines, very good cockpit and detailed gear wells. The kit has never been started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.