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SS Rex Ocean Liner 1/350 Scale Model Kit

Finally, the Pride of the Italian Line in 1/350 scale! The SS Rex is from the same team that brought you the 1/350 SS Normandie Ocean Liner. This four year project is a 100% new model and represents the Rex in her glory years of the mid 1930s.

SS Rex Model Kit

(NOTE: Photoetched Railings are not included with the kit but are readily available as separate aftermarket items.)

Nearly four years of research and development...

All design work was done in CAD by Ken Friend, a master modeler, designer and builder of experimental engines and test equipment and an engineer who specialized in CAD/CAM/CAE Systems Management and Implementation.

All of the smaller parts are printed on ultra-high resolution 3D SLA resin printers. These parts meet and often exceed what is possible with injection molded plastic. Only the larger parts – hull, deck pieces and funnels – are cast resin. These are pressure-cast from de-aired molds to minimize air bubbles.

The Italian Line advertised that “The Southern Route Is the Lido Deck Route.” By virtue of avoiding the stormy and cold North Atlantic, travelers experienced a true outdoor lifestyle. The Rex was intentionally designed for this. For this model, extensive research and time was spent capturing the exact look of the colorful 1st and 2nd Class Aft Pool Areas – from the changing room & showers, grab rope on the pool, pool slide, stairs & diving boards, tables with umbrellas, recessed (covered) 1st Class Restaurant/Lounge and more.

Because of the superior performance of 3D Printing, over 90% of the usual PE (photoetched) metal parts are now 3D printed resin. This is a vast improvement as they are no longer flat, but are true to the shape of the prototype. This also makes for an unusually complete model “out-of-the-box,” as the majority of the parts normally furnished in aftermarket PE metal are already included in resin.

NOTE: railings are the only parts not included with the model shown. They are not required to complete the kit, however they are sold separately (see below under “Instructions”).

Parts, Decking, Decals and Flags:

The 1/350 Rex Features:

Over 450 individual pieces

  • 13 in High-Definition Resin
  • 416 From Ultra-High Definition 3D SLA Printers including
    • 30 One piece davits (ready to paint and install)
    • Deck Benches
    • Deck Lamp Posts
    • Unique Rex covered wicker deck chairs
    • Tables and Umbrellas for 1st and 2nd Class Pool Zones
    • REX letters for bow and stern
  • Metal Anchor Chain
  • Evergreen Round Stock for aft deck columns

Full Color, Laser-Printed Decals

  • All Aft Deck Umbrellas With Correct Patterns
  • Wood Doors
  • Ornate Wood Paneling For the 1st Class Pool Restaurant
  • Hull Anodes
  • Paneling & Paintings for the Changing Rooms and Showers
  • Optional Large “Neutrality” Hull Flags

Color Flag Sheet

Printed Teak Wood Decks on High-Quality Business Cardstock


  • 31 pages
  • Detailed Painting Information
  • Illustrated Parts Layout
  • Text and pictorial building instructions
  • Rigging Diagram
  • Information on how to purchase and add PE railings from Tom’s or Gold Medal Models

Modeling skills required...

This resin and photoetched kit is aimed at experienced modelers. This is a very limited edition model kit, so order your very own 1/350 scale SS REX today.


Italian Lines Artwork