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Introducing the SS Normandie Ocean Liner 1/350 Scale Model Kit

In 1935, the SS Normandie sailed triumphantly into New York harbor on her maiden voyage. As "Queen of the Seas" and a "Floating Work of Art" she was never surpassed. Recapture the moment with this museum-quality 1/350 scale model kit.

Recreate a moment in history...

The Normandie was the most beautiful ocean liner created. And now you can recreate the SS Normandie as she appeared on that historic day in New York with this incredibly accurate and detailed reproduction that measures 35 inches (889mm) in length.

Nearly a decade of research and development...

This model took nine years to develop and it is the only accurate, large-scale Normandie kit ever made. But don't just take our word on it, check the details and photos below. The first production model has won Best Resin Ship at IPMS meets, and maritime curators have declared it "Truly Museum Quality." This is a model for master builders who demand the very best.

1000 individual parts:

  • Resin upper and lower hulls. Can be built waterline or full hull.
  • Ultra-high definition 3D printed resin funnels, lifeboats, davits and other details
  • One photoetched brass sheet for other ships details (railings, etc)
  • Real wooden deck (printed and laser cut-out from Scale Decks)
  • Full color, screened decal sheet
  • Flag sheet for the maiden New York voyage
  • One CD with highly detailed and extensively illustrated instructions. This includes rigging diagrams, painting guide, reference material, building tips and more

This model is 100% new. The Normandie kit designer is an IPMS National award winner and was a beta-tester for the current edition of TURBO-CAD. He took 7 years to create the computer model. These ground-breaking files were primarily responsible for TURBO-CADs decision to go with a 64 bit release. Furthermore, these files are used in TURBO-CAD advertising, promotion and hands-on factory training.

Wood decking, railings and everything to the smallest detail were prototyped and are manufactured directly from this master file. The result is excellent parts fit for a resin model.

The silicon molds were made from 3D printed prototypes for the highest accuracy. The mold silicone was de-aired. Resin casting of the hull and details is done in a pressure chamber. The result is a large improvement over regular poured resin parts. These castings are nearly (but not completely) air-bubble free.

Modeling skills required...

This resin and photoetched kit is aimed at experienced modelers. This is a very limited edition model kit, so order your very own 1/350 scale SS Normandie today.


Resin Hull

Wood Decks

3D Printed Small Parts

Photoetched Parts

Decals and Flags


French Lines Artwork