Search Tips

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You can browse using the page links at the bottom of the item pages. But with over 4000 kits to choose from, you may want a faster way. This can be done with the search engine. The Search Bar is just under the blue Menu Bar at the top of each item page. Most search functions are self-explanatory, but all search engines have peculiarities. This one is no exception.

How to Search
You can search using as few or as many of the four parameters that you wish. The four parameters are:

Category Search:
Defines subject matter such as "Military Aircraft" or "Civil Ship". Select "Any Category" for the widest search result.

Manufacture Search:
This is the maker of the kit. Select "Any Manufacture" for the widest results.

Scale Search:
A solid (but never complete) attempt is made to accurately report the true scale. This has resulted in many scales being listed. For example, if you are looking for 1/48 kits, do not forget to check 1/45, 1/46, 1/47, 1/49 and 1/50 kits as well. The kit you want may be hidden under a more obscure scale that what the box top claims the scale is. Select "Any Scale" to see all results regardless of scale.

"with the text" (Keyword) Search:
Allows you to search the description of each kit for your keyword OR numbers.
Please note these important features:

One last example: You wish to find an F-105G. Enter "105" in the search box. Some kits may not have the hyphen and just may be called "F 105". Again, there may be a space between the "5" and "G" and there may not. Typing in "Thunderchief" will skip the ones called "Thud".

If you seem to be getting poor no search results, click on "View All Items". This will reset all searches to the broadest settings. Now begin your search again. This prevents accidental carry-over of previous search parameters.