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AHM Boeing F4B-4 - (F4B4), 1/87, SK-3

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed NM


Still factory sealed. HO scale kit. Very nicely molded and detailed with movable control surfaces, colorful decals and full color painting guide.

Hawk Ben Howard Ike Air Racer - with Race Pylon, 1/48, 629-50

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


1962 hardbox '50' cent issue with classic Bill Campbell box art. Very well made model with excellent fit and fine recessed and raised panel lines. Includes pylon display stand; excellent for use in a 1930s air racing diorama. Never started and complete with all parts, decals and instructions. The Ike was built by Ben Howard near the Old Chicago Airport (now Midway) and first flew in competition during the Thompson Trophy Race in 1932. It finished 7th with William Ong at the controls. In 1933 she finished 3rd with Roy Minor as pilot at an average speed 8 mph above 1932. In 1934, she finished yet another 8 mph above '33 with Harold Neumann as pilot and finished 4th in the Thompson.

Lindberg XF-88 (F-88) VooDoo, 1/48, 5311

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG+


1988 issue and an ideal builder. Made from the same molds as the 1950s issue. Features movable flight controls, scale jet engines, opening inspection hatch, pilot figure and more. Never started. Inventoried 100% complete with all parts, decals and instructions present.

Aurora SE-5 Scout - World War I British Fighter, 1/48, 103-69

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG++


First issue from 1956 with Northern Lights logo. This logo only appeared for one year. In 1957 it was replaced with the famous oval 'Famous Fighters' Sunburst logo. The artwork is by Jim Cox. This kit was one of a very famous line of 1/48 scale WWI aircraft kits introduced by Aurora at this time. Due to the popularity, subjects were still being released into the 1960s. Molded in glossy olive green and black. Inventoried 100% complete with all parts, decals and instructions.

Vac Wings Kawasaki Ki-32 Mary, 1/72

Vacuform Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG++


High quality vacuform kit with recessed panel lines, full plans/instructions and clear parts as needed. Still factory sealed. Certain modeling skills are required to build vacuform kits. Not recommended for beginners.

Airfix DH88 Comet (DH-88) - Blister Pack, 1/72, 01013-9

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed VG+


Still factory sealed. From the 1970s. Includes markings for the Australia Air Race Comet from 1934

Hasegawa Junkers Ju-87D Stuka With Eagle Strike/ Cutting Edge / (2) Microscale Decal Sheets, 1/32, ST26

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


Includes the following 1/32 decal sets in mint, never used condition: Eagle Strike #32024 Achtung Stuka! Part 1, Cutting Edge #CED32.82 Stuka Attack Part 1, Microscale 32-17 Stuka Set #1 and Microscale #32-18 Stuka Set #2. The actual model is finely molded and highly detailed. The kit has never been started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

MPC Hot Rodder's Ghost Of America Stroker McGurk - Original Issue, 104-100

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: NM


Rare original issue from 1964; not the common reproduction. This one is in investment-grade condition as well. Stroker McGurk was created and drawn by Tom Medley for Hot Rod Magazine. The popularity of the character gave MPC an idea - why not make a model? While an excellent kit, it proved to be a poor marketing choice. The kit was far less popular than the cartoons. As a result, the model was quickly and quietly withdrawn from production, making the originals very rare. The box is in amazing 'Near Mint' condition. the only flaws are very slight edge wear on the upper right corner and a slight crease 1/2" long. Inside, the kit is as new. It is molded in dark red and chrome plate. The chrome parts are in 'mint' condition. The kit has never been started. It has been inventoried complete with all parts and includes 'near mint' condition decals and instructions. No scale is given but it is large; the body measures 10 inches long when assembled.

Aurora Curtiss Hawk P-6E, 1/43, 116-130

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Mint


In amazing, investment-grade 'mint' condition. The box has perfect color and gloss, four solid corners, no fading or torn litho and no tape or price tags - it has no more wear than if it were just removed from the shrink wrap. The kit is dated 1958, but this is obviously a later issue as the Aurora logo does not say 'Famous Fighters' in the border and has no sunburst. Due to the 130 price extension, it is most likely from later 1960s. Features movable rudder, elevators and wing ailerons, cockpit with pilot, seat, instrument panel, gun sight and feet stirrups, auxiliary gas tank and rotating prop & wheels. Molded in gloss dark green and clear. The kit has never been started. Inventoried 100% complete including decals and instructions.

Heller Potez 63-II With Lapel Pin - (63-11), 1/72, L396

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG


Early 'yellow box' issue that includes the original factory sealed "Heller" lapel pin and even the glue capsule. Nicely molded older kit with good cockpit detail and very fine raised panel lines. The 63.11 was a further development of the successful Potez 631 and was used in the scouting and observation role. Four squadrons were equipped with this type. They saw heavy action and losses for the 63.11 were the most numerous of all types that saw action during the Invasion of France. The kit has never been started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

Revell Pennzoil Firebird Pro Stock Jerry Eckman NHRA, 1/25, 7499

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed NM


Still factory sealed. Dated 1992. Very nice kit featuring detailed racing chassis and engine, lift-up body, full racing cockpit, very colorful decals and more. Molded in yellow plastic, clear, chrome plate and with rubber tires.

Easy Built Models Jr. Commerial / Air Cadet - 25 Inch Wingspan Flying Balsa Aircraft, FF-5

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


The Jr. Commercial is also better known as the Air Cadet. High quality modern kit made in the finest tradition of the stick and tissue kits from the 1930s-1950s. Kit contains high quality printed balsa, strip wood, plastic propeller, rubber, clear canopy material, hardware, full sized plans, covering material and more. The model has not been started. Inventoried 100% complete.

AMT 1958 Ford Edsel Hardtop and 1960 Ford Edsel Hardtop Empty Boxes ONLY

Other Materials,   Box Condition: Good to VG


SALE!! Includes two rare early original issue EMPTY boxes. There are no parts, no instructions, no decals. Just boxes. All boxes are complete and range from 'Good' to 'Very Good' condition. Ideal as an upgrade or a box for you kit that has none.

Revell SE-210 Caravelle SAS Airlines - Master Modelers Issue, 1/96, H184-129

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG++


1961 hardbox Master Modeler Kit issue that even includes the Caravelle stamp. Arguably one of the most beautiful airliners built. With large colorful SAS decal sheet, rotating wheels, optional position loading ramp and landing gear. She saw service with Air France, SAS, Swissair, United and several others. Never started. Inventoried 100% complete with all parts, trading stamp, decals and instructions.

Midwest Super Jabberwock - 33 Inch Wingspan Class C Cabin Competition for Free Flight or R/C Conversion, 401

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG++


Purchased new on April 9, 1966 at Hobby House on 5240 Warrensville, Maple Heights, Cleveland, Ohio. Includes the original receipt! Cabin style 1949 record holding aircraft designed by Wally Simmers. These aircraft were common in the 1930s when the sport of free-flight model airplanes reached it's zenith. It was not uncommon for these models to fly for 45 minutes or more on rubber power alone - many flew out of site, and it became common practice to write your name, address and phone number on the covering tissue. Quality kit includes printwood, strip wood, precarved prop, covering tissue and beautiful full size plans. Never started and inventoried complete.

Tamiya Aichi M6A1 Seiran With Eduard Mask Set XF071, 1/48, 61054-2200

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG


Includes never used and compete Eduard mask set for the canopies and beaching dolly wheels. The actual kit is very high quality and has never been started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

Special Hobby Focke Wulf PTL Flitzer, 1/72, SH72004

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


Limited edition injection molded kit. Well detailed. The kit has never been started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

Blue Ribbon Arado Ar-196 - (ex-Heller) - Bagged, 1/72, RO 8241

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed


Still factory sealed. From ex-Heller molds and made in Mexico. Very nicely molded with recessed control surfaces and fine raised panel lines. Includes decals for Luftwaffe 2/SAGr 125 1942 or 102 Sq Romanian Air Force Odessa 1943.

Hasegawa 1143 Mig-27 Flogger D and Mig-23S Flogger B - USSR or Flogger E Libyan Air Force - Bagged, 1/72

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed


SALE!! Includes both bagged kits, parts numbers 1143 and 1136. Mig-27 includes decals and paint guide for two aircraft - one camo and one natural finish. Features a good selection of air-to-air or air-to-ground stores, operational swing wings, detailed landing gear, gear wells and cockpit. Never started. Inventoried complete with all parts decals and instructions. The Mig-23 includes decals and paint guide for both air forces. It is well molded and features 'good' cockpit detail, wings that swing, detailed landing gear and gear wells, optional position landing gear and bottom fin and 'Apex' and 'Aphid' air-to-air missiles. Never started. All parts and decals are still in the sealed factory bag. Includes instructions.

Polar Lights King Kong's Thronester - (ex-Aurora), 1/12, 5016

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


Don't build your rare Aurora kit or spend hours restoring a junk kit! This is an ideal builder from the original Aurora kit. Never started. Factory sealed bag or 100% inventoried with all parts/decals and instructions present.