Monogram E-Power Electronic Power Module (Superstar Free Flight Aircraft), 7593

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Monogram E-Power Electronic Power Module (Superstar Free Flight Aircraft), 7593 plastic model kit

7593 Monogram E-Power Electronic Power Module (Superstar Free Flight Aircraft)

Multimedia Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good+

The "E-Power Module" was derived from the historic and famous "Superstar" electric free-flight aircraft. In it's own way, the Superstar was the forerunner of today's electric Radio Controlled revolution that has bought RC to thousands of people. It all began in about 1971when Mattel introduced the Superstar "The Plane With A Brain". The Superstar was not the first electric powered larger-scale free-flight aircraft, but it was perhaps the first mass-marketed electric ni-cad powered model. Unlike the Mattel "Dareplane" tethered flier which was discontinued shortly after introduction, the Superstar generally worked well for young children who had parental supervision. Made of foam and colorful vacuformed plastic, the Superstar contained an electric motor, two small ni-cad batteries (from Sizzler electric racers), and a "brain". The "brain" was a motor driven cam to which the youngster could attach different cams. When the prop turned, the cam would rotate and engage a wire which moved the rudder. In this way, the Superstar could fly figure 8s, circles, squares or go straight. The system worked very well. When the Superstar would become trapped in a thermal, the prop would continue to turn, causing the aircraft to perform the proper maneuver again and again, until it had gradually flow too high to be seen! In 1975, the Mattel/Monogram combination decided to market a slightly modified version (no cam drive and a shorter drive shaft) of the Superstar powerplant as this E-Power Module. From the back of the box - "The Monogram E-Power module is a self-contained electric power unit with a high torque motor, 3.27:1 gear ratio and two GE nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries. It is ready to mount in any suitable airframe...The module weighs 70 grams (2.47 oz) and is comparable in power to a .020 gas engine. Flying model kits with a wing area of 100 to 150 square inches and a weight of 100 to 200 grams (3.5 to 7 oz) are adaptable to the E-Power...the propeller has a diameter of 7.25" and a high efficiency 4.3" pitch. Full specifications and instructions for mounting are included. It has never been used. This E-Power comes in a box that is still factory sealed. It includes a "Superstar" prop, the complete power module with motor, gearbox and batteries, and instructions.

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