Renwal 1/32 Wrecker Crane US Army 5 Ton 6 x 6, M559-249

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Renwal 1/32 Wrecker Crane US Army 5 Ton 6 x 6, M559-249 plastic model kit

1/32 M559-249 Renwal Wrecker Crane US Army 5 Ton 6 x 6

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc-

Rare original issue from the 1950s - not the modern reissue. This large model has 155 parts and many action features. The kit of the six-wheel drive 5 ton Wrecker was designed straight from US Army Blueprints and data from the US Army Ordnance Corps. The kit incorporates nearly all the movable features of the actual equipment. The front wheels steer realistically, the hood opens to show the highly detailed engine, the windshield is collapsible and the doors of the cab can be opened and closed. The cab can be enclosed with a simulated canvas top. The rear train provides realistic suspension over irregular surfaces. The crane is completely operable and can hoist actual objects. The winch can be used realistically to pull other models. The jacks can be extended and lowered to support the truck. Additional sheave blocks are provided for hoisting and pulling operations. All four functions of the crane - lifting or lowering the shipper, extending or retracting the boom, winding or unwinding the hoist drum and swinging the boom to the left or right - can be realistically simulated. Inside, there has been no assembly but NOTE: the face and hands of one figure has been neatly painted. There is no other painting. The parts have been inventoried 100% complete and include decals and instructions. NOTE: one part (a pulley) is a lighter color of plastic. It is from a later issue of this kit.

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