Marx 1/96 The 'Sea Witch' Full-Rigged Clipper Ship 33 Inches Long

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Marx 1/96 The 'Sea Witch' Full-Rigged Clipper Ship 33 Inches Long plastic model kit

1/96 Marx The 'Sea Witch' Full-Rigged Clipper Ship 33 Inches Long

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG+

Rare and beautiful kit in the first issue, ornate box and no billowing sails. Imagine you are back in the mid 1950s. The only large sailing ship models available are made from wood and can take years to complete. It is still 6-7 years before Revell's 3 foot Cutty Sark is released. Louis Marx, the huge toy manufacture, saw that with the new injection molding processes that he could produce a masterpiece model of a large clipper ship that anyone could build. Marx spared no expense in their entry into the growing field of plastic models - this kit measures 33 inches long when assembled and has over 500 parts. The model claims to the first time that anyone could build a museum-quality large ship at home, and the claim is correct since this easily predates all larger plastic sailing ship kits by many years. Prior to this model, only wooden kits were available of this subject, which required a great deal of skill and craftsmanship. A great deal of thought went into the design of this large and complicated kit to make it easier to construct. Many colors of plastic are used (black, dark brown, tan and white) to minimize painting, while the deck was dealt with in an exceptional fashion - lithograph printed metal! The three main decks were tin lithographed, which means the decks are completely finished with all the detail of wood; boards are of different shades and divided by perfect, thin black lines. These decks are in excellent condition with only very light wear. The hull was perfectly factory assembled since it was the trickiest part of the assembly. The kit is inventoried complete with all parts, the booklet "The Romance of the Clipper Ship", original unopened glue, rigging materials, decals, flags and more. The instructions are a work of art themselves. They are a very large and well-produced affair with numerous photos of the assembled kit, enlarged drawings, detailing tips and rigging instructions. A beautiful kit! Another of Marx's rare ground-breaking kits is the large Chris Craft Constellation. It also has fantastic detail but suffered from a high price as did the Sea Witch. Primarily due to high pricing, sales were poor and the kits quickly faded as Marx dropped the plastic kit line completely.

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