Centuri Saturn V Flying Scale Rocket Kit, 2140

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Centuri Saturn V Flying Scale Rocket Kit, 2140 plastic model kit

2140 Centuri Saturn V Flying Scale Rocket Kit

Multimedia Model Kit

Rare kit from the long out-of-business Centuri Company. From the 1970s. The Centuri kit was the competition to the Estes kit and many builders preferred the Centuri offering. The kit measures 43.6 inches high when built and features excellent detail. Parts are injection molded, vacuform and cardboard. The kit has been partially built. The quality of the built is excellent. All work has been done to very high standards. Each vac wrap, the hardest part of the kit, has been perfectly cut out and glued on in the exact position. The kit is ready to finish with the three "C" engine cluster. I inventoried the kit and it is missing one four escape rocket nozzles. These could be made or taken from a spares box. Complete with all other parts, decals and instructions. The decals are present badly deteriorated. They cannot be used.

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