SPI Grenadier - Tactical Warfare 1680-1850, GR

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SPI Grenadier - Tactical Warfare 1680-1850, GR plastic model kit

GR SPI Grenadier - Tactical Warfare 1680-1850

Other Materials,   Box Condition: VG++

In the days before computers, armchair strategist matched wits over some of the most complicated board games ever invented. SPI (Simulations Publications Inc) and Avalon Hill were just a few of the famous names. The games consists of detailed hexagon maps, cardboard 'chits' or representations of men and/or materials and thick set of rules to govern movement, line of sight, supply lines, weather, attack and the uncertainty of untried units and morale. This kit is complete and looks to have been used perhaps once if at all. The parts have been punched out of the original cardboard retainer and placed in the black plastic trays with clear covers. All parts are in exceptional condition.

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