Marusan 1/100 Nakajima Ki-44-2 Shoki , 030-150

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Marusan 1/100 Nakajima Ki-44-2 Shoki , 030-150 plastic model kit

1/100 030-150 Marusan Nakajima Ki-44-2 Shoki

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG

The Marusan Ki-44 Tojo is well documented in several issues, but I cannot find any reference to this issue and kit number. The additional header on the box says this is a "Plamodel Pachi-Pachi Kit". The instructions are on the reverse of the box. Inside, all parts, decals and a very colorful book are still factory sealed. Glue is included in a flat foil pack. The color booklet contains information on famous Japanese fighters of WWII. Inside the seal is a pink bag with many metal parts. The bag appears to contain an all metal undercarriage bay, gear doors, button and springs. This appears to be a complicated and tiny spring-loaded button-activated landing gear extension/retraction mechanism. This is referenced in the instructions. If you have more details about this, please email me. Never started. Factory sealed bag with decals and instructions present.

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