Aurora 1/128 'Corsair' American Privateer, 433-198

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Aurora 1/128 'Corsair' American Privateer, 433-198 plastic model kit

1/128 433-198 Aurora 'Corsair' American Privateer

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG

First issue dated 1959 with 'Famous Fighters' logo in the oval sunburst. Privateers were actually civilian ships manned by private citizens. The early US Government gave the ships "letters of marque" and they were free to raid English shipping interests with the blessing of the US Government. Approximately 500 were in service until the practice was abolished. Although they were technically successful in raiding British shipping, the British soon blockaded the US ports and almost shut down the import/export trade. Well detailed kit. Includes rat lines and molded sails. Never started and complete.

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