Ideal Aeroplane & Supply 1/66 SC-1 WWI 110' Submarine Chaser

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Ideal Aeroplane & Supply 1/66 SC-1 WWI 110' Submarine Chaser plastic model kit

1/66 Ideal Aeroplane & Supply SC-1 WWI 110' Submarine Chaser

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc

1930/40s kit from the famous Ideal Aeroplane & Supply Company. Wooden precarved hull with wooden parts and metal fitting. With full detailed plans. During WWI the American Navy and it's Allies needed a ship to combat the U-Boat menace and they needed it fast. The response was the SC-1 Sub Chaser class. Built of wood and designed as ocean-going vessels, they were made to take the war to the enemy. Speed was about 14 kts and they were equiped with deck guns, machine guns and depth charges. Never started and 100% complete. The insides are absolutely mint and untouched; I was the first person to remove the parts for an inventory and repacked it exactly as it came. Box says '24 inch Model' on the side, but I measured the hull at 20 inches, which gives a true scale of 1/66.

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