Topping 1/68 Martin SM-68 Titan ICBM - Factory Model

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Topping 1/68 Martin SM-68 Titan ICBM - Factory Model plastic model kit

1/68 Topping Martin SM-68 Titan ICBM - Factory Model

Plastic Model Kit

Rare factory model from about 1957 or 1958. Missile measures 18 inches high. Includes original box in excellent condition with inside packing materials. The model is mint and original. No restoration has been done and there are no flaws. The original base in in the same condition. The rocket separates into 'stages' as the actual missile did. Titan I was the first USA multi-stage Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. Designed in 1955, it was originally a back-up for the Atlas program. Titan was larger than Atlas and was also seen as an early space launch vehicle. Titan was stored in hardened underground silos. The arrival of solid fuel Titan II and Minuteman I missiles in 1963 made Titan I obsolete. The follow-on, Titan II became a major workhorse in the space program and served well as a heavy lift ICBM.