SMER 1/50 Ansaldo SVA5 (SVA-5), 106

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SMER 1/50 Ansaldo SVA5 (SVA-5), 106 plastic model kit

1/50 106 SMER Ansaldo SVA5 (SVA-5)

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Mint

Factory sealed. The SVA-5 was a highly successful Italian WWI design that saw service up to 1929. The aircraft was very fast for it's time and the Italians wisely used it for stratigic recon and bombing. the SVA-5 flew legendary missions over 500 miles in length, returning with valuable photos. After the war, the aircraft was flown by Argentina, Brazil, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Holland, Peru, Poland, the Soviet Union, Spain and the United States. One even flew from Rome to Tokyo.