Legato 1/72 Caproni AP-1 - Italian light Bomber, LK055

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Legato 1/72 Caproni AP-1 - Italian light Bomber, LK055 plastic model kit

1/72 LK055 Legato Caproni AP-1 - Italian light Bomber

Resin Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed NM

Still factory sealed and a very rare model. This is a high quality resin model and the only kit ever made of this aircraft. This history is from military-history.fandom.com: Developed from the Ca.301, a single-seat fighter version of a similar design that was not put into production, the AP.1 was a two-seater version, fitted with a more powerful Alfa Romeo radial. Designed to serve both as a fighter and an attack aircraft, it was a low-wing monoplane with a fixed, trousered (spats are when the wheels are covered, trousers cover the landing gear legs) undercarriage, of mixed construction. Although it was a monoplane at a time when many of the air forces of the world were flying biplanes, the Caproni was still an anachronism with fixed landing gear (at that time, most planes also had fixed landing gear). The AP.1 prototype first flew on 27 April 1934. An initial series of 12 aircraft was delivered within 1936. In the same year, the Regia Aeronautica ordered a second series with improvements including a more powerful Alfa Romeo engine and more aerodynamic landing gear. In service, the large landing gear spats were often removed for ease of maintenance. The Caproni AP.1 equipped a total of eight squadriglie (Italian air unit equivalent to half an RAF squadron) of the assault wings of the Regia Aeronautica. It took part in the Spanish Civil War, but its unsatisfactory performance led to its quick replacement with the also disappointing Breda Ba.64, Ba.65 and Ba.88 types. Four examples were acquired by El Salvador for use in the Escuadrilla de Caza (a fifth aircraft was shipped to replace an aircraft which crashed during a ferrying flight), and another seven were sold to Paraguay and used in the Chaco Postwar period (1939-1945). Another 10 aircraft ordered by Paraguay were diverted to the Regia Aeronautica.

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