Imai Catalan Ship - 15th Century, B295

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Imai Catalan Ship - 15th Century, B295 plastic model kit

B295 Imai Catalan Ship - 15th Century

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good-

NOTE: builder kit only, not collectible. Please read carefully for the condition. Very large and well detailed model that measures 530mm x 300mm x 420mm. Full hull kit is molded in wood brown and includes cast metal anchors, all rigging material and furled sails (not billowing like the box art). This kit has never been started. The parts that were internally sealed at the factory are still in their factory sealed bags. The few that were not appear to be present. NOTE: this kit is missing the instructions, which means that while I think it is complete, I cannot confirm it. So the kit is sold 'AS-IS' only. If there were billowing sails, they are missing. Also, if there was a flag sheet, it is missing. There is no paperwork present.

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