Hudson Miniatures 1/16 1909 Ford Model T Touring Car

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Hudson Miniatures 1/16 1909 Ford Model T Touring Car plastic model kit

1/16 Hudson Miniatures 1909 Ford Model T Touring Car

Wood and Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good+

Early multi-media kit of wood, metal and plastic dated 1949 on the box. Large 1/16 scale kit measures 8 inches long when built. Very nicely detailed with all the complicated parts cast in yellow, light tan or ivory injection molded plastic. Includes full size plans and instructions. This kit has never been started. Inventoried 100% complete with all parts and instructions. Hudson Miniatures created a very successful and popular line of automobile kits in a constant 1/16 scale shortly after WWII. The kits sold very well until the appearance of the much smaller and less scale Gowland/Revell 'Highway Pioneers' in 1951. When the all-injection molded Gowland kits proved that they were not a passing fad, Hudson quickly planned and released his own small scale competition for them called 'Lil' Old Timers Quickie Kits'. The kits were of excellent quality, but it was too little too late. Sales of wooden kits faltered in the next few years with the introduction of all-plastic injection molded cars in the mid 1950s. This forced Hudson to discontinue both lines. Today, these excellent kits are often the only large-scale models available of these early automobiles.