Aurora 1/48 Regulus II Guided Missile - With Mobile Launching Platform, 378-249

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Aurora 1/48 Regulus II Guided Missile - With Mobile Launching Platform, 378-249 plastic model kit

1/48 378-249 Aurora Regulus II Guided Missile - With Mobile Launching Platform

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc

Rare and even rarer in this condition. This kit was factory sealed but the seal recently split across the back - so I opened it up to do a 100% inventory and slid the seal back on. Inside, the kit is exactly as it left the factory - never started, with the red parts still in a factory sealed clear bag and with all other parts inventoried 100% complete, including 'excellent+++' decals and instructions. 1958 release of this famous kit featuring classic Jo Kotula boxart. The large 1/48 scale missile comes with a fully operational scale launcher. Please note this is a true first issue because there is no Parents' Magazine' printed logo or the golden sticker. The model features a well detailed missile with lower booster and the mobile launcher with good suspension detail, valves boxes and covers, tow bar, servicing and access platforms with railings, elevating main pad and three figures. Molded in the correct deep gloss red, silver and dark blue plastic. Please note that this kit displays better than the 'excellent' box grade but is rated as such because long crease on part of the lower long box side. This kit must be shipped insured. The Aurora "Missile Line" is legendary. In the late 1950s, the first missile model kits sold briskly, so Aurora and Revell both planned extensive lines. However, the missile modeling craze disappeared as quickly as it started. Models that were in the works were canceled or completed if they were far enough along. Those that were completed were fine efforts but sold poorly and had very short lives, making them rare collector items today.