Lindberg Lumber Schooner Forester, 836

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Lindberg Lumber Schooner Forester, 836 plastic model kit

836 Lindberg Lumber Schooner Forester

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed VG+

As the West Coast lumber trade became big business in late 1800s, the industry needed a way to move vast amounts of timber. The answer was lumber schooners, built of the same Douglas fir as the planks they carried. These ships had shallow drafts for crossing coastal bars, uncluttered deck arrangements for ease of loading and were especially handy for maneuvering into the tiny, Northern California ports. The C.A. Thayer was one such schooner, built in 1895 and preserved today as a museum ship in San Francisco. The kit is still factory sealed. This is the 1975 issue hardbox issue. Small but nicely detailed ship is about 8 inches long when assembled and includes vacuformed sails. The actual lumber schooner Forester was 217 feet long, 680 ton, 32 feet wide, drew 13.6 feet of water with a displacement of 1,812.5 tons. She cost $60,000 to build and netted between $12,000 and $19,000 per trip for her investors during the heyday of the trade. As of 2006 you could see see her wreckage along the Martinez shoreline.

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