Sterling Peanut Taylorcraft - 21 Inch Wingspan Flying Aircraft, K5

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Sterling Peanut Taylorcraft - 21 Inch Wingspan Flying Aircraft, K5 plastic model kit

Peanut K5 Sterling Taylorcraft - 21 Inch Wingspan Flying Aircraft

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG

A well engineered, highly prefabricated model featuring all die-cut quality balsa parts, a large number of completely formed parts including fuselage sides, top and bottom, wing sheet covers, tail feathers, etc, finished wheels, plastic cowl & prop, rubber motor, hardware set, clear window material, colored tissue, color decals, full size plan and separate teaching instructions sheet. The kit has never been started. The parts that were factory sealed are still in the sealed bags. The parts that were never factory sealed have been inventoried complete including decals and instructions. The Taylorcraft BF12-65 was first manufactured in Alliance, Ohio in 1941. Many of these sharp looking airplanes have been kept in great condition by faithful owners across the country. The Taylorcraft was easy to fly and very forgiving. The glide ratio was an impressive 22 to 1. With the 65 hp Franklin engine, the aircraft has a cruising speed of 96 mph and a top speed of 112 mph. My father's first aircraft was a used Taylorcraft. He purchased it around 1954 while he was in high school. The airport manager allowed him to make payment, which he did by working as a delivery boy for the local grocery store and by waxing cars at $5 each. The airplane still exists and is flown today from it's base in New York.

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