Monogram 1/24 Phantom Huey UH-1B Chopper Motorized with Sound Factory Sealed, PA226

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Monogram 1/24 Phantom Huey UH-1B Chopper Motorized with Sound Factory Sealed, PA226 plastic model kit

1/24 PA226 Monogram Phantom Huey UH-1B Chopper Motorized with Sound Factory Sealed

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good++

VERY rare in this condition - still factory sealed. Like the first issue B-52, Monogram sealed the Phantom Huey in a unique way. There was never an external seal around the box top. The potential customer could lift off the box top, and the lower tray was completely sealed in clear cellophane so the parts and layout could be observed. This was a great way to make a potential customer into a paying one. The cello seal is still 100% intact with no cuts or splits. This is the first issue of this model, dated 1969. Large and completely transparent with a 20 inch long fuselage and nearly 2 foot rotor diameter. Well detailed with 184 parts and structural members and full internal detail. Features complete cockpit, pilot and co-pilot figures, full cabin, opening cabin door, inner fuselage framing, detailed engine and more. In the display base with the batteries is an electric motor which turns the main and tail rotors while the sound unit makes "chop-chop" sound that varies correctly with main rotor speed. To minimize painting, the kit is molded in clear, zinc chromate green, black, chrome plate, gray, olive drab and flexible black/gray ammo belts. The clear fuselage halves have no breaks or cracks, they are mint. The Phantom Huey box top was notoriously thin and damaged easily. This one has the typical wear but amazingly has four solid original corners, no holes and is 100% intact. Other than the wear and moving sticker, the other flaws are on the box sides, thankfully. There were two closed tears on the side panels which I have repaired correctly from the inside with book binding glue. A long time ago there was tape on the very bottom of both long sides; it is gone, but you can see the brown residue from it for about 7" x 1" on the lowest edge. NOTE: this kit must be shipped fully insured.

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