Model Shipways 1/16 American Civil War Union Coffee Wagon, MS4016

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Model Shipways 1/16 American Civil War Union Coffee Wagon, MS4016 plastic model kit

1/16 MS4016 Model Shipways American Civil War Union Coffee Wagon

Wood and Metal Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed NM

Still factory tape sealed. Very well detailed, large scale model with Britannia metal fittings, laser-cut ply and basswood parts, spoked wooden wheels with metal hubs and axles, scale tubing and bucket, realistic decal sheet and more. Coffee was the staple of the Union Amy. Each soldier received a daily ration of 1/10 pound of green coffee beans, which they had to roast and grind themselves. This was not always convient to do given the environment and other required tasks. The volunteer-staffed Christian Commission served better coffee to the troops at long-term encampments, but could not move with the troops. Innovation was needed. In 1863, Jacob Dunton of Philadelphis converted an artillery caisson and gun carriage into a coffee wagon that was able to 'march' with the army. It carried three wood fired urns that brewed up to 105 gallons of fresh coffee each hour. Instead of shot and gunpowder, the ammunition chest carried coffee beans and grinders. The wagon was pulled by a standard limber.

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