Pavesi 1/72 Fiat G-91

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Pavesi 1/72 Fiat G-91 plastic model kit

1/72 Pavesi Fiat G-91

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good

Very rare. Pavesi was an Italian confectionery company that in the 1960s managed a series of motorway service stations. They still exist today and are famous for the "Pavesini" Biscuits. In the 1960s Pavesi had an awards program. You could accumulate points for buying certain products, then choose a prize. There were various gadgets, micro-ship models and eventually one series of four scale models. The firm of Plurex, located in Cornaredo (near Milan) was sub-contracted to make these. Plurex was an injection molder but had no experience in plastic modeling. The four Plurex aircraft were based on Airfix models but with certain changes, possibly to avoid copyright issues. They were supposed to be 1/72 scale, but different collectors have reported them as being significantly different, such as 1/82. However, it turns out that they really are 1/72 (see the notes at the end of this description). This exact issue was made as an advertisement and promotion for the Pavesi Service Stations, but there was a run of all four aircraft marketed in a transparent plastic bag with a header, exactly like the bagged Revell Air Cadet series and similar to the early Airfix kits. These issues only had the name of the subjects and not the service station and were marketed in various service stations in the Lombardy Region. Thank you to Italian model collector and historian Giampiero Grammatico for the information above! Here are the details of the actual kit pictured. The Italian text on the short box sides says (in English): "The sale of this item is strictly prohibited as part of the special offer. Complete the series of planes a unique offer for 4 perfect scale models." The other three models are A-4D Skyhawk, Mirage IIIC and Mig-21. Features very fine raised panel lines, recessed control surface lines, complete landing gear, two wing drop tanks, a clear canopy and complete decals for the box art aircraft. The model has never been started and is 100% complete with all parts, decals and instructions (on the back of the box). There is a small piece of paper inside that is in Italian which translates to: "Dear friend, for you an exceptional Pavensi offer; a beautiful Fiat Jet to assemble. Nothing should be missing ... but if you do not find a few pieces in the bag, write to this address: Ditta Plurex Via Monsignore Moneta N. 23, 20010 Cornaradeo". Today (19-7-21) I received an update from collector and historian Giampiero Grammatico - "I compared the Fiat G.91 Pavesi with the Airfix and with the 1/72 scale drawings by Richard Caruana published on the Fiat G.91R, PAN, Y monograph published in 1991. it seems clear to me that the Pavesi model turns out to be absolutely in 1/72 scale. I also compared the other three subjects with the Airfix equivalents without opening the envelopes and the results, albeit with slight differences, are dimensionally identical. At this point I would say there is no longer any doubt that the scale used by Pavesi is 1/72." Again, many thanks to Mr. Giampiero for all his help on this manufacturer.