Banthrico 1/25 1951 Kaiser Frazer Henry J Promo

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Banthrico 1/25 1951 Kaiser Frazer Henry J Promo plastic model kit

1/25 Banthrico 1951 Kaiser Frazer Henry J Promo

Plastic Model Kit

Rare, and even rarer in this condition. Original dealer promotional model in 'very good' condition. The body is very straight - not perfect, but close. The original friction drive is missing. The plastic color is original and has good gloss but also has general wear and some age foxing as shown. The clear is 'excellent' but can use cleaning. The tires are almost like new - if it was played with, it was not for long. No parts are missing and it is original except that some of the fine trim (door handles, trim, etc) has been correctly and very neatly adult painted. The quality is good enough to pass for factory paint. NOTE: The model is unmarked, so the true manufacture is not known. However, almost all of these (if not all) were made by Banthrico.