Maintrack 1/72 Hawker P.1083 (P1083) Supersonic Hunter - Conversion Kit - Bagged, PXC-01

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Maintrack 1/72 Hawker P.1083 (P1083) Supersonic Hunter - Conversion Kit - Bagged, PXC-01 plastic model kit

1/72 PXC-01 Maintrack Hawker P.1083 (P1083) Supersonic Hunter - Conversion Kit - Bagged

Vacuform Model Kit

The rare "Thin Wing Hunter." High quality vac conversion features highly detailed moldings with fine recessed lines are of higher quality than many injection molded models, resin tail cone and full instructions with plans. As a conversion kit, it requires a base kit (not included) and the Airfix Hunter FGA9 is recommended. The kit has never been started. It has been inventoried complete with all parts and includes instructions. The P1083 was Hawker's effort to produce a true level flight supersonic jet; most aircraft of the time like the Swift, Mig-15 and F-86 went beyond the sound barrier only in a shallow dive. Work proceeded on the prototype in 1952. The wing design incorporated 50 degrees of leading edge sweepback and a mean thickness:chord ratio of 7.5% compared with the P.1067 Hunter's 45 degrees and 8.5%. The leading edge portion of the new wing, forward of the front spar, made provision for internal fuel bags, an innovation not fitted to early Hunters. The increased sweepback meant that, during a high speed pull-out, a very much greater loading was applied to the rear spar/undercarriage girder than on the standard machine. There was a great deal of hope that this would be the first supersonic fighter; but then the plug was pulled on the project and the prototype scrapped. However, the lessons learned were not wasted as they were used in later marks of the Hunter and aircraft after it.

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