Hasegawa 1/16 1903 Wright Flyer 1 1/16 Scale Museum Model

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Hasegawa 1/16 1903 Wright Flyer 1 1/16 Scale Museum Model plastic model kit

1/16 Hasegawa 1903 Wright Flyer 1 1/16 Scale Museum Model

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: NM

Rare and large 1/16 scale museum quality kit. The four aircraft in this series (Wright Flyer, Fokker DR-1, Sopwith Camel and SE-5 Scout) are widely considered to be the finest model aircraft ever produced. This kit duplicates the world's first controllable powered aircraft using many of the original material in a near perfect representation of the inner structure of the aircraft. There are 303 parts made from die-cut plywood, Japanese cypress, cast soft metal, copper, rubber, brass, injection molded plastic and still other materials. Unlike the other three kits, this model can have the interior framework covered as the real aircraft or it can remain uncovered. Includes a Wright Brother pilot and display stand. The wingspan is 765mm (over 30 inches) when assembled. The engineering is world-class right down to the assembly plans. This kit has never been started. Nearly all parts are still in still in the factory sealed bags; the injection molded parts are the only ones not sealed and they have been inventoried complete. This kit was packed very carefully from the factory and all special internal boxes and inserts are included and in mint condition. Complete with instructions and roll-out plans. Please note, this item must be shipped insured.

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