Revell 1/184 Convair B-36 Giant Bomber - (small box) Pre 'S' True First Issue, H205-98

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Revell 1/184 Convair B-36 Giant Bomber - (small box) Pre 'S' True First Issue, H205-98 plastic model kit

1/184 H205-98 Revell Convair B-36 Giant Bomber - (small box) Pre 'S' True First Issue

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: NM

Very rare early 1950s issue that is correct in every way. Unusual narrow height Pre 'S' box has the full artwork and the rare one-piece stand arm. The box is in investment-grade 'near mint' condition. Color and gloss is like new, all four corners are perfect, no price tags or marks from tags, there is no tape - not even marks from the original factory sealing tape (implying they were never even sealed by Revell). There are no tears, tape or otherwise, creases, fading, stains or dents. The only flaws are very, very slight edge wear and a very faint 'light' spot just behind the foreground engine- you can see in the photo if you look hard. Has early 1st issue stand with a one-piece stand arm (three prongs at the top). Revell very quickly replaced these when they proved too fragile. The correct instructions showing this early stand and the decal sheet includes the stand decal. Never started. Inside the kit is like new - the small parts are still factory sealed in the 'krinkle' bag and the parts Revell never sealed are 100% complete Inventoried complete with 'excellent' condition decals and instructions. The second issue of this kit looked exactly like the first (this one), but the one piece stand arm was replaced with the two-piece stand arm and the instructions were changed to reflect that. The third issue of this kit shared the same part number but is in a taller box, has greatly simplified artwork, the two-piece stand arm and instructions that reflect that change. For a long time it was thought that all 'full' box art versions had the one-piece stand arm; that is not true. Revell changed the design so quickly that some were issued with the change.

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