Monogram 1/8 GMC 4-71 Blower Set, AK204-79

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Monogram 1/8 GMC 4-71 Blower Set, AK204-79 plastic model kit

1/8 AK204-79 Monogram GMC 4-71 Blower Set

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good+

Very rare. First and only Four-Star issue of this rare accessory for customizing and of Monogram's large 1/8 car kits or any other larger car kit. Includes beautifully chromed parts in mint condition, a flexible drive belt and excellent instructions. Never started and complete. The clear cellophane window on the back is in mint condition. In an attempt to make the superb but very expensive 1/8 car molds pay off, Monogram issued some parts separately as accessories for any larger car models. The entire line came out in 1963 and consisted of AK201-59 Six Carb Assembly, AK202-59 Oval Gas Tank, AK203-79 Drag Race Set, AK204-79 GMC Blower Set, AK205-79 Chrome Wheel Set, AK206-100 White Wall Drag Slicks and AK207-79 White Wall Tires. Sales were very weak because all of the 1/8 scale cars were very expensive for that time and the line was discontinued.

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