Jim Walker Pursuit Ready-To-Fly Airplane, 89-1

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Jim Walker Pursuit Ready-To-Fly Airplane, 89-1 plastic model kit

89-1 Jim Walker Pursuit Ready-To-Fly Airplane

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG

Very rare in this condition. Jim Walker produced a line of ready-to-fly balsa aircraft in the 1940s and early 1950s and the Pursuit was one of the flagships. The bigger brother of the Hornet had a bigger wingspan, could hold a great deal more rubber (and with extra), had a better endurance, instructions for using a winder up to 400 turns and had a more ornate factory paint job. This example has always been in collector hands. The box has great colors and both lids and all four flaps are present and complete. I have given it an internal cardboard 'sleeve' for proper support - these boxes were very weak and this is necessary to keep it as nice as it is and protect it in shipping. Inside, it is factory new with all parts in great condition. Even the color printing on the wood is as new. It has never been built and has been inventoried complete. The instructions are on the box side. Very few of these survived; they were inexpensive, disposable items that were great fun to fly.

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