Monogram 1/8 The Big Tub Show Go Phaeton Ford T Touring Custom, PC86-1098

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Monogram 1/8 The Big Tub Show Go Phaeton Ford T Touring Custom, PC86-1098 plastic model kit

1/8 PC86-1098 Monogram The Big Tub Show Go Phaeton Ford T Touring Custom

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good++

Very rare 1963 first issue. NOTE: has minor assembly, please read carefully. Monogram created the 1/8 series cars at an incredible expense and they are well detailed. The Big Tub features 200 precision parts molded in gloss orange, white/ivory, black, chrome plate and with rubber whitewall tires, ignition wiring, flexible hoses, fuel lines belts and more. The model features an incredible number of chrome plated parts, rolling chassis build just like a real car, working steering, full suspension, highly detailed engine with 6 carburetors and carb linkage, full interior with telephone and first aid kit, front and rear bicycle fenders, optional position convertible top, two jack stands, full chrome tool kit, trophy, easel with a sign explaining the details of the car, three 'stick' style flares, printed instruments with a clear cover and more. All of the factory blue cardboard display material is still present inside. The kit has been inventoried complete with all parts, decals and instructions present. NOTE: this kit has minor assembly- Step 1 and 2 are done. The frame rails and cross members are assembled (5 parts) and the radiator & shell are assembled (5 parts) and it is glued to the frame. There is no other assembly. Assembly quality ranges from 'very good' to 'good-.' It is completely workable, but was done by a younger child. Please note there is some visible cement (four areas, mainly fingerprints) , but it is very accessible so it can be easily sanded and polished with Novus plastic polish. One cross member, #113, is 3/16 out of place on one side. You will need to cut the one side out and glue it in properly.

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