Hawk Weird-Ohs Daddy The Way Out Suburbanite, 532-100

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Hawk Weird-Ohs Daddy The Way Out Suburbanite, 532-100 plastic model kit

532-100 Hawk Weird-Ohs Daddy The Way Out Suburbanite

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good-

Original issue hardbox model. NOTE: builder only (not collectible), please read carefully. In 1962, Bill Campbell thought that kids may be tired of the same old modeling subjects, and he created the Weird-Ohs. Of course it was not that simple - it never is. Please read Bill's own account of the Weird-Ohs on this website. Regardless of the path, the Weird-Ohs became an overnight sensation that helped launch the 'monster' and the 'figure' phase of modeling. NOTE: this model has minor but neat assembly. The rear tires halves (4 parts total), body tub top and bottom (2 parts), body halves (2 parts), suitcase halves (2 parts) and arm halves (4 parts) have been built to 'near mint to professional' quality. The lower body part is painted red to 'very good+' quality. There is no other painting or assembly. Inventoried and missing one small part: (1) of (2) #21, a small flat fin (triangle). Easily made from flat plastic stock using the remaining part as a pattern. Otherwise inventoried with all other parts, decals and instructions present.

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