AMT 1/25 1910 M-40 Flyabout Thomas Flyer, PK-4101

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AMT 1/25 1910 M-40 Flyabout Thomas Flyer, PK-4101 plastic model kit

1/25 PK-4101 AMT 1910 M-40 Flyabout Thomas Flyer

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Exc

Still factory sealed. Nicely detailed kit with 150 parts. Molded in colored plastic with plated and clear parts and with rubber tires. Features four bucket seats, five spare tires, tool boxes, acetylene tank, fuel tanks, luggage box, fully detailed engine, removable hood, complete chassis detail and dual change drive with oilers, spoked wheels, 36 inch wheels and more. This kit models the famous winner of the 1908 New York to Paris Race. Originally, the Thomas Motor Company was building bicycles in the 1890s as so may other automakers did. Erwin Ross Thomas, the founder, was experimenting with high speed gasoline engines. From 1898 to 1900 they built commercial engines and gasoline powered tricycles. Then Thomas moved to motorcycles, creating the "Auto-Bi", which was the first practical motorcycle commercially built in the USA. By 1902 he was the largest manufacture of motorcycles. Very shortly after this, the first Thomas Car, the "Buffalo Junior" was produced and 100 sold the first year. The Thomas was originally an advanced car and well known for it's high speed. In 1906, E.R. Thomas entered his cars in the Vanderbilt Cup and Glidden Trophy. The Thomas completed the 2000 mile tour without any mechanical adjustments. That year saw further race victories. In 1907 Thomas had several models with a new four cylinder engine; the G70 from that year was known as the fastest production car in the world. At this time, Rolls-Royce made some public statements about the superiority of the 6 cylinder engine. This caused E.R. Thomas to challenge Rolls Royce to a race from NY to Chicago - Rolls Royce, however, backed out. But four European manufacturers took Thomas up on his challenge, and the Paris newspaper Le Matin sponsored the great event for 1908. This race laid a course from Buffalo, NY to San Francisco, then to Alaska down the Yukon across the Bering Strait on ice, then rerouted to Japan due the thaw, to Siberia and then across Europe to Paris. The Thomas entry was a stock Touring car with George Schuster as the driver. After 169 days and 21,000 miles, the Thomas was the winner. Today it is still considered the greatest automobile race ever.

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