Hawk 1/24 1902 Rambler Model C Runabout - Highway Classics, 634-60

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Hawk 1/24 1902 Rambler Model C Runabout - Highway Classics, 634-60 plastic model kit

1/24 634-60 Hawk 1902 Rambler Model C Runabout - Highway Classics

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good

Rare kit dated 1964. Hawk did not issue many automobile kits, but when they did they chose interesting subjects. 1/24 scale and molded in silver plastic with black wheels. The kit has never been started. Inventoried 100% complete including instructions. This is a very early car with an interesting history. The 1902 Rambler was the first car offered for sale by the Thomas B. Jeffery Company. This later became Nash Motors, which was then later purchased to become part of American Motors. The Model C had a one cylinder 8 HP engine and could speed along at 25 mph. Originally it had wire wheels, but these proved too fragile for the state of roads in the very early 1900s - the company soon changed these to wooden spoke wheels, which are represented on this model. The car had tiller steering and brakes on the rear wheel only. And this kit has a very interesting history also! The molds were originally cut by Kaysun in Japan @ 1954. The kits were a huge advance over the 'Highway Miniatures' and if put side to side put the Revell offerings to shame. I do not know of other kits from Kaysun beyond the two cars. Later in the 1950s Strombecker purchased these molds and issued them in very colorful boxes. However, Strombecker discontinued all plastic kit production in the late 1950s. In 1964 Hawk somehow located these molds. Always with an eye to quality, the Mates brothers knew these were perfect kits for their expanding line of models. The called the Rambler and Hupmobile 'Highway Classics' and issued them in full color boxes that sported photos of the actual built models. There were at least three issues; one at 50 cents, one at 60 cents and one with a special case. However good the kit, the subject matter simply did not catch on and eventually the kits were withdrawn from the line. Polks Hobby Modelcraft found and purchased the molds in 1982 but did not issue the kits. In 1988 Mandrill Manufacturing purchased the Strombecker molds and it is possible these two Kaysun kits is among them.

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