Adams 1/457 N.S. Savannah Atomic Powered Merchant Ship, K320-129

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Adams 1/457 N.S. Savannah Atomic Powered Merchant Ship, K320-129 plastic model kit

1/457 K320-129 Adams N.S. Savannah Atomic Powered Merchant Ship

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good+

From 1958. This is the only ship kit released by Adams during their short production run. This kit was also featured in the Nuclear Powered Gift set with two missiles. Kit is highly detailed for that time and features full hull, prop and rudder detail, complete deck fittings, detailed superstructure, clear promanade deck window inserts and a display stand. There is no assembly but NOTE: the hull is painted below the waterline and one stand arm is painted. You can strip this paint with DOT3 brake fluid, spray oven cleaner or any other tested and safe plastic paint stripper. Inventoried complete with all parts. Includes decals, flag sheet, clear printed window inserts and instructions. Adams was founded by Steve Adams and released plastic assembly kits in the late 1950s. The company was innovative and the general quality of most kits was very high for the time- so much that builders (not just collectors) still seek the kits today. Adams is best known today for a series of military vehicles and missiles, although they also released an aircraft (Draken), helicopter (YH-41), balloon (La Coquette) and ship (SS Savannah). Some of these appeared in gift sets as well. The Adams smaller scale (1/40) Atomic Cannon, Hawk Missile Battery, Honest John, Vanguard (1/80) and Thor (1/87)missiles and other kits are still sought after today. Combinations of these kits were issued in gift sets, which are very desirable collector's items today. In the late 1950s, Adams entered into a joint venture with Revell, and several of the military kits were released under the Revell label, such as the Jeep among others. Around 1960 there was a disagreement between Adams and Revell, and the agreement was terminated. Sometime after this, Adams quit the plastic model business, and Life-Like purchased most of the Adams molds.

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