Kemziv 1/50 Antonov AN-2M - (ex-MEE)

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Kemziv 1/50 Antonov AN-2M - (ex-MEE) plastic model kit

1/50 Kemziv Antonov AN-2M - (ex-MEE)

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good

Rare and likely from the late 1970s. One of at least two Kemziv issues, and probably the earliest of the two known. Large almost 1/48 scale kit of the popular and successful AN-2, the world's largest single engined biplane. The model has never been started and all parts are still sealed in the factory 'krinkle' clear plastic bags. Includes color insignia sheet and full instructions. The insignia are CCCP and Aeroflot for a civil AN-2 transport. This model is the Ex-MEE 1/50 AN-2 kit that was sold as a built up display model and a kit. Production ended at MEE in about 1984. Some molds passed to Genton at that point, and obviously Kemziv got them at some point. Thanks to Tom Marino for help on this.