Hawk 1/48 Mitsubishi Zero Fighter, 91

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Hawk 1/48 Mitsubishi Zero Fighter, 91 plastic model kit

1/48 91 Hawk Mitsubishi Zero Fighter

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good

For the advanced Hawk collector. Solid wood, wartime scale kit from about 1943. Features 3D cut fuselage, 2D cut wings, horizontal and vertical stabilizers, fully cut and turned hardwood nacelle, fully finished wheels, a very early injection molded propeller, wood stock as necessary, full color insignia sheet, an excellent and highly detailed fold-out from the "Federal Security Agency US Office of Education" showing how to build solid models and of course the excellent Hawk full size plans. Even includes factory tissue packing paper. Never started and inventoried 100% complete. Hawk was one of the few manufacturers making wooden kits to a constant scale of 1/48 in the 1930s. Hawk kits were very complete and included plastic or metal details and superb quality drawings for the true scale enthusiast.

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