Fador 1/16 EMF 30 Racer

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Fador 1/16 EMF 30 Racer plastic model kit

1/16 Fador EMF 30 Racer

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc

Rare kit from April of 1950. Big, large scale kit measuring 8.5 inches long when assembled. Well detailed for that time. Features a large number of die-cut, machined and saw-cut wooden parts and excellent plastic wheels, grill/radiator and steering wheel. Also includes metal parts, metal stock and die-cut cardstock. Includes superb, large full-size plans with many elevation drawings, numerous detail drawings and templates, extensive and detailed text instructions, painting guide and even ideas for how to upholster your car using the correct tufting pattern! The kit has never been started. It has been inventoried complete with all parts and includes instructions. The EMF 30 was produced by the EMF company which stood for Everett, Metzger and Flanders - the three owners. But in the early days it was jokingly referred to as 'The Every Morning Fix It" and "Every Mechanical Failure." Each car came complete with a catalog numbering every single part, which made replacements easily obtainable. The racer engine was four cylinders cast in pairs and turned out a very respectable 30 horsepower. It had a 106 inch wheelbase and held 15 gallons. All cars were painted EMF Red and were a sight to behold. The racer had a three speed transmission on rear axle, geared to 3.25 to 1 inch high, magneto ignition, 32 x 3.5 inch tires, thermo syphon cooling (no pump) and weighed in at 1800 pounds. At Walla Walla Washington Country Fair in 1911 the EMF racer beat a Wright Biplane in two of three races. It made a five lap circuit in 5 minutes 26.5 seconds. It was the fastest time of any car or aircraft at the competition. Streamlining is not new - in those days Grandpa's hot rod was a regular stock car stripped of anything that would give wind resistance- fenders, horn, windshield, etc. Fador was another maker of big 1/16 classic cars and competed with the bigger Hudson Miniatures. Fador called the line 'Smallersters' and the design & parts breakdown of the kits are very similar. The full name was Fador Mfg. Company and the address was 501E. Clinton St., Elmira, NY. Hudson Miniatures, launched in 1948, apparently beat Fador to the market by at least a year or more. Hudson's national success probably lead Fador to choose the same subject (antique cars) and in the same scale, 1/16. Hudson snatched up the most obvious classic automobiles for kit subjects, forcing Fador to select very carefully. Fortunately, they chose well and they are still the only models ever made of these subjects. There is no record of Fador making any plastic kits; the introduction and overwhelming popularity of the Revell/Gowland Highway Pioneers and the models that quickly followed probably drove them out of the market. This was the fate of most wooden kit manufacturers who did not make the transition. In 1949 the Fador line consisted of a 1909 Hupmobile Roadster, 1904 Cadillac Runabout, 1905 REO 4 Passenger Runabout and one kit that was "3 In 1' - it made one of the following: 1909 EMF Single Rear Seater, 1909 EMF Touring or EMF Roadster. The Baker Electric kit was introduced in 1950 and possibly others as well.

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