Huma Model 1/72 Gotha Go-145 - Bagged, 22

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Huma Model 1/72 Gotha Go-145 - Bagged, 22 plastic model kit

1/72 22 Huma Model Gotha Go-145 - Bagged

Plastic Model Kit

Still factory sealed. The Gotha Go-145 is one of the most successful aircraft designs of all time. Over 12,000 Go 145's were built in Germany/Turkey and Spain. The design was rugged, easy to build and simple to maintain. It saw service as a trainer for radio, aerobatics, gunnery, photo recon and instrument training. It also saw combat service from 1942 on as a night bomber. Model builds any of three versions - two seater with gunnery position / multi role night intruder / two seater with enclosed canopy and spatted wheels.