Bits And Pieces Covered Wagon, 06-6804

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Bits And Pieces Covered Wagon, 06-6804 plastic model kit

06-6804 Bits And Pieces Covered Wagon

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG+

An excellent, large-scale kit with very good detail. Features four sheets of sharply die-cut plywood, a sheet of die-cut finished 'wood grain' finishing parts, hardwood parts that are completely cut to final shape, dowels as required, sand paper, metal stock as required, metal hardware and a canvas wagon cover. No scale is given, but it measures just over 18 inches long overall with the tongue; the wagon alone measures just over 9 inches long when built. The kit has not been started. Inside, all small parts are still sealed in the factory bag and the plywood parts are complete and not punched out. Includes excellent text and illustrated instructions.

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