Norbert Meier 1/200 LZ1 The First Zeppelin

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Norbert Meier 1/200 LZ1 The First Zeppelin plastic model kit

1/200 Norbert Meier LZ1 The First Zeppelin

Cardstock Paper Model Kit

Very large scale kit of the first Zeppelin, which flew for the first time on July 2, 1900 for 18 minutes. Two further flights followed on the 17th and 21st. In October of 1900 the LZ1 was scrapped for financial reasons. However, Count Zeppelin's dream of building viable airships was anything but over. He had successfully proven the basic principals with LZ1 and she characterized all further Zeppelins. The airship was modified between each flight; this model allows you to build any one of the three variants. Features color printed high-quality cardstock - no painting required. The kit has not been started. The parts are complete and the sheets are uncut.

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