The Imperial Navy 1/700 French 1913 Gille Fast Battleship, SLP-4

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The Imperial Navy 1/700 French 1913 Gille Fast Battleship, SLP-4 plastic model kit

1/700 SLP-4 The Imperial Navy French 1913 Gille Fast Battleship

Resin Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc

Waterline model features excellent main parts cast in high-definition resin and cast metal details. With history, directions and profile and overhead drawings. The kit has never been started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes instructions. In 1913 the French designers Gille and Durand-Viel produced a series of battlecruiser designs intended as companions to the Normandie and Lyon class battleships then under construction. They projected three designs: a slow battleship, a fast battleship and a battlecruiser. The Gille design provided for a fast battleship rather than a battlecruiser because it had great staying power and getaway speed, like the contemporary Queen Elizabeth class. All Gille fast battleships had their main armament in quadruple turrets. The design was never built, but the strategic presence of the Gille battleship was allowed in the Naval Laws and impacted other designs. Oddly enough, the manufacturer calls this a 'Battlecruiser' on the box and heading on the plans, then describes it as a 'Fast Battleship' in the history and layout. I have called it a 'Fast Battleship' since the weight, speed and turret design matches that and not the BC design.

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