Revell 1/350 SMS Emden and SMS Dresden WWI Light Cruiser/Commerce Raider, 05500

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Revell 1/350 SMS Emden and SMS Dresden WWI Light Cruiser/Commerce Raider, 05500 plastic model kit

1/350 05500 Revell SMS Emden and SMS Dresden WWI Light Cruiser/Commerce Raider

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Exc

Still factory sealed. Includes both ship models. From modern 2006 Revell of Germany molds. Very well detailed full hull kits with excellent detail. The story of Emden's Indian Ocean raiding career in WWI is legendary. The story of Dresden's short career in WWI also interesting. She was serving with the German East Asiatic Squadron; near the start of hostilities they made a voyage across the Pacific Ocean hoping to go around South America and return to Germany via the Atlantic. The squadron came across Sir Christopher Cradock's British Squadron in the South Pacific at Coronel. There the Germans won a great victory over Cradock; the problem was that now the Germans were sited and their intentions known. The British positioned battlecruisers at the Falkland islands in anticipation; they did not have long to wait. When the Germans were sighted, the British casually got ready then sailed, knowing their superior speed and gun range could make short work of the biggest ships the Germans had. The British were correct; the Germans were soundly defeated off the Falklands. However, the Dresden was the only German ship to survive. She went back around Cape Horn in the Pacific and successfully hid for several months, only to be eventually found near Mas a Tierra (Chile) by Glasgow and Kent. Knowing that escape was impossible, the Dresden was scuttled by her crew. The wreck still lies in the harbor today.

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