Adams 1/40 Hawk Missile Battery Store Display

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Adams 1/40 Hawk Missile Battery Store Display plastic model kit

1/40 Adams Hawk Missile Battery Store Display

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: No Box

For the advanced collector and investor. Very rare and in exceptional, all original condition. This is a Adams-factory built display built for hobby shop promotional use. The intention was simple- if hobby shops would purchase and display these dioramas, potential buyers would see the model build and immediately purchase the kit. This probably worked well; but the hitch was that these displays were expensive, so few hobby shops could afford them back in the 1950s. And of the ones made, there was heavy attrition. Parts broke, and when the new kits came out next year, they were thrown away to make room for more. Which makes the 'excellent+' condition of this one even more exceptional. The actual model is very neatly built and painted, is missing no parts and has had no repairs. The paint and decals are in fantastic condition as well. The 3-D cardboard display has like-new color and gloss. There are no rips, tears or missing material. The only damage is that the 'firing missiles' in the middle have been folded over and are creased. I put masking tape on the back to temporarily hold them up for the photo. It will ship folded down as I found it. A superb 'no apologies' piece. NOTE: this kit must be shipped insured. NOTE: It will be packed as well as possible in a double box, but be aware that some small parts or men may come loose during shipping and may have to repaired on your end.

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